Roosh Appreciation Thread

I am certain Roosh would not approve of this but I want to dedicate a thread to showing the good that this man has done. The truth is, we do not know how much longer we will be able to see his work. Yes, I even think his own website could be taken down. But that all aside, I think Roosh is one of the most talented people of our generation (I am a bit younger at 37), and if society were not inverted, favoring those who promote evil, I think he may have a Pulitzer Prize coming his way this year.

His Roosh Hours alone have been and continue to entertain, enlighten and evangelize.

I do not mean to stroke your ego, Rooshy Poo, but you are truly a gem and an inspiration in today's world, and when your all is said and done I know our Lord will say to you good work, faithful servant.
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