Roosh Hour #65 – Milo Yiannopoulos

Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
I tried listening to a bit of this on a plane ride.
at 19:00: What do you say to people who say you are not genuine?

" I think it's a perfectly reasonable conclusion to draw, based on the fact that I've been engaged in this sort of stunt my whole life.
Except to say, that I haven't changed my beliefs one bit, I'm still saying all the same things, and if uh you are unpersuaded by this, then I love you and God Bless You, tune back in in 5 years, and when I'm still saying the same thing, reconsider."

I studied a good bit of NLP, and if you listen to people, they will eventually give themselves away.

I'm not sure how anyone can take him seriously after that comment.

Milo says that he has been engaged in THIS sort of stunt. Present tense. Meaning that he is in the middle of doing a stunt now.

AND that the prior gay black nonsense was ALSO a stunt (I never believed he was really gay, or at least I didn't believe he had a thing for fornicating with giant African dudes. I distinctly remember him holding a press event where a bunch of "conservative" topless college guys carried him in on a giant throne and I thought it was one of the greatest trolls ever). Honestly he has some Sam Hyde level sense of humor and comedic instincts. I have said before I didn't find him smart; What I mean is that he is not an intellectual. He is indeed above average intelligence as most comedians are (just not the genius he purports to be).

"I haven't changed my beliefs one bit"? What in the world does that mean? He always believed in God, and knew fornicating was wrong, but just went along with it anyway? That probably applies to a subset of gays, but Milo was always proudly and happily gay and ALWAYS throwing it in your face and talking about it. It wasn't some private sin that he knew was wrong. It was something he (purported to) revel in. And as I said I don't even buy the original gay act in the first place. He chose the most absurd type of gay relationship, probably as a challenge to see if he could even make people believe it. Was he ever even photographed publicly with a gay lover? How many white gay men are even attracted to Africans?

Doesn't he claim he was gay married and now he's not? Do we even have evidence of this? Marriages and divorces are public record.

Anyway, the above quote directly from Milo's lips sums up my opinion of him. He is a master troll, and stunt maker. He's funny. He's cocky. He talks too much and will eventually give himself away. There is as much reason to believe in his Christianity as there is to believe in his gayness. That is, very little. He does love playing the outsider, the minority, the underdog. Now that the culture accepts gays and rejects Christians, he becomes a different underdog. I think his next bold move would be to come out as Palestinian.

Basilus of Moro

Can you expand more on this, particular what the Church Fathers said about the ability of demons to read our thoughts?

Hey Roosh,

Is this helpful? A friend who is much more well read than I sent this to me. I heard this discussed by Constantine Zalalas on a youtube stream I cannot find and also read it in "My Elder Joseph" by Elder Ephraim of Arizona. To be clear, the demons cannot see our thoughts, but only the effects on us externally.

From the Conferences of St. John Cassian:

(various excerpts)
Chapter 13
How spirit cannot be penetrated by spirit, and how God alone is incorporeal.

For even if spirit is mingled with this crass and solid matter; viz., flesh (as very easily happens), should we therefore believe that it can be united to the soul, which is in like manner spirit, in such a way as to make it also receptive in the same way of its own nature: a thing which is possible to the Trinity alone, which is so capable of pervading every intellectual nature, that it cannot only embrace and surround it but even insert itself into it and, incorporeal though it is, be infused into a body? For though we maintain that some spiritual natures exist, such as angels, archangels and the other powers, and indeed our own souls and the thin air, yet we ought certainly not to consider them incorporeal. For they have in their own fashion a body in which they exist, though it is much finer than our bodies are, in accordance with the Apostle's words when he says: And there are bodies celestial, and bodies terrestrial: and again: It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body; 1 Corinthians 15:40, 44 from which it is clearly gathered that there is nothing incorporeal but God alone, and therefore it is only by Him that all spiritual and intellectual substances can be pervaded, because He alone is whole and everywhere and in all things, in such a way as to behold and see the thoughts of men and their inner movements and all the recesses of the soul; since it was of Him alone that the blessed Apostle spoke when he said: For the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow; and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart; and there is no creature invisible in His sight, but all things are naked and open to His eyes. Hebrews 4:12-13 And the blessed David says: Who fashions their hearts one by one; and again: For He knows the secrets of the heart; and Job too: You who alone know the hearts of men. 2 Chronicles 6:30

Chapter 14
An objection, as to how we ought to believe that devils see into the thoughts of men.

Germanus: In this way, which you describe, those spirits cannot possibly see into our thoughts. But we think it utterly absurd to hold such an opinion, when Scripture says: If the spirit of him that has power ascend upon you; Ecclesiastes 10:4 and again: When the devil had put it into the heart of Simon Iscariot to betray the Lord. John 13:2 How then can we believe that our thoughts are not open to them, when we feel that for the most part they spring up and are nursed by their suggestions and instigation?

Chapter 15
The answer what devils can and what they cannot do in regard to the thoughts of men.

Serenus: Nobody doubts that unclean spirits can influence the character of our thoughts, but this is by affecting them from without by sensible influences, i.e., either from our inclinations or from our words, and those likings to which they see that we are especially disposed. But they cannot possibly come near to those which have not yet come forth from the inmost recesses of the soul. And the thoughts too, which they suggest, whether they are actually or in a kind of way embraced, are discovered by them not from the nature of the soul itself, i.e., that inner inclination which lies concealed so to speak in the very marrow, but from motions and signs given by the outward man, as for example, when they suggest gluttony, if they have seen a monk raising his eyes anxiously to the window or to the sun, or inquiring eagerly what o'clock it is, they know that he has admitted the feeling of greediness. If when they suggest fornication they find him calmly submitting to the attack of lust, or see him perturbed in body, or at any rate not groaning as he ought under the wantonness of an impure suggestion, they know that the dart of lust is already fixed in his very soul. If they stir up incitements to grief, or anger, or rage, they can tell whether they have taken root in the heart by the movements of the body, and visible disturbances, when, for instance, they have noticed him either groaning silently, or panting with indignation or changing color; and so they cunningly discover the fault to which he is given over. For they know that every one of us is enticed in a regular way by that one, to the incitement of which they see, by a sort of assenting motion of the body, that he has yielded his consent and agreement. And it is no wonder that this is discovered by those powers of the air, when we see that even clever men can often discover the state of the inner man from his mien and look and external bearing. How much more surely then can this be discovered by those who as being of a spiritual nature are certainly much more subtle and cleverer than men.

Chapter 16
An illustration showing how we are taught that unclean spirits know the thoughts of men.

For just as some thieves are in the habit of examining the concealed treasures of the men in those houses which they mean to rob, and in the dark shades of night sprinkle with careful hands little grains of sand and discover the hidden treasures which they cannot see by the tinkling sound with which they answer to the fall of the sand, and so arrive at certain knowledge of each thing and metal, which betrays itself in a way by the voice elicited from it; so these too, in order to explore the treasures of our heart, scatter over us the sand of certain evil suggestions, and when they see some bodily affection arise corresponding to their character, they recognize as if by a sort of tinkling sound proceeding from the inmost recesses, what it is that is stored up in the secret chamber of the inner man.