Rude Beautiful Women Blanking Men

Pretty much any antisocial behavior in late stage capitalism can be attributed to:

"Behavioral sink" is a term invented by ethologist John B. Calhoun to describe a collapse in behavior which can result from overcrowding. The term and concept derive from a series of over-population experiments Calhoun conducted on Norway rats between 1958 and 1962.[1] In the experiments, Calhoun and his researchers created a series of "rat utopias" – enclosed spaces in which rats were given unlimited access to food and water, enabling unfettered population growth.

The overcrowding is not necessarily physical (not everybody lives in dense cities) but spiritual, as we're bombarded with a gazillion people on social media every day, so people either start to rage, mentally check out or go full cuck, stirred up further by ((Aliens)) who argue into every toxic direction. (anti male, anti female, anti family etc.) on YouTube, traditional media etc.

There is also less inhibition for guys to slide into DMs compared to approaching in person. Add Tinder to that and every woman thinks she deserves prince charming.

Add financial and work pressures on top, as well as COVID lockdowns and you will have a personality disorder apocalypse.

Working in a Mc Donalds or discount supermarket at this point will probably become a daily nightmare, especially with all the narcissistic PC principals around that want to play social distancing and face diaper enforcers.

Not sure which places will be spared, but when even ultra conservative ultra stable Switzerland goes globohomo with rainbows on every corner and the crowds looking more and more low class you're starting to wonder...
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I wonder if this is an American or extroverted culture thing. In more introverted cultures it's more normalised to ignore strangers.
Like Germany and Sweden. Out here in Hick America, say, some store in the middle of nowhere... or even an isolated Kroger booth occupied by a lone cashier who’s a young woman... I ashamedly do not correct the unpleasant, unfriendly lack of response if I encounter it, reminding said bitches that it’s their job to be polite, because of the small possibility of encountering a Macho White Knight or even a gun behind the counter in lone, remote country places!

...Oh, and these observations are all about pre-Covid days. NOW it’s really screwy!;).


I like to give people the benefit of the doubt most of the time, but when this happens to me it really kinda ticks me off. If I am particularly ticked off that day, I will leave 0 for a tip if I am at a restaurant dining.


I mean she's pretty and everything but yeesh, she's nothing particularly special.

I also wonder about her complaints about 'customers that feel entitled to palm me'. Do I get a similar right to complain about waitresses who put their hand on me or call me sweetie and honey? Because I've had plenty of those.


But we're not talking about choosing a partner for life. We're talking about the moment when Susan, the stuck bitch from the office, is walking down the hall heading towards you. The last time you passed her you said good morning, but she pretended she had to look the other way. Hmmm! What do you do this time? Do you greet her? So what is your "simple solution" to this problem?

Try to put it in perspective and stop caring so much. Easier said than done.


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I notice this gets worse every 6 months.

Now women do it the majority of the time, not just to me but other men.

Even Indian women who seemingly arrived in Australia recently, behave like this Haha.

I think it also has to do with them hating their job and hating that they have to work such long hours for measly pay.

The atmosphere when I leave the house is palpable...very low trust and miserable vibe.


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This is all quite terrible to read and experience.... I see this this kind of behavior rooted in lack of respect, upbringing and manners ! Typical pagans,.... dont be surprised if pagans act like pagans. In the future we will see probably more of their "true colors". Switch the situation for the good and try to be a better example- is my sugggestion!

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The behavioral sink referred to above is exactly what I've been talking about in recent months here regarding this as being a problem of ecology. We're just out of balance. It shows you a bit of humility in that humans were the rats (we think of this as "good") that were multiplied and much dysgenic activity was supported, including tons of bad behaviors through welfare systems and the modern economies providing for many, many people. All of those policies produced more, lower quality people - people that didn't have traditional sensibilities or reverence for God as a result. Now, the artificial manipulators/actors that helped usher those things in are making moves to extinguish what formerly supported it all. Think of how crazy that is, and how few people realize it...

I'll be amazed to see what happens to women and "women's movements" going ahead in light of these things.