Rush Limbaugh dead at 70


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As expected...Leftists' hatred toward the Right continues to show their true colors. They aren't interested in "unity" or "middle ground".


Back in the early 1990's he was the only conservative with a non-print media presence (unless you count Bill Buckley's Firing Line 1/2 an hour each Sunday) and he brought over a lot of people. Pre-Fox news (back when Fox was conservative) and pre-internet. It was the three TV networks and CNN. There was no such thing as political talk radio before him--even liberals like Larry King mainly interviewed people on their radio shows. Rush invented the genre then ruled it. He also made it fun--some of the spoof songs were hilarious. He proved that there was a huge market for people wanted the other viewpoint.

I have not listened to him in years--I mainly listened to him back in the early/mid 1990's when I was driving some during the day between classes and work. He was a serious force for the good. Criticize him for not being perfect, but he was the only game in town back then.


I listened to Rush daily for years until the local station went to Mexican Norteno. I learned alot about the vileness of liberals. He forewarned many of us. Sad to say though, the gravest and darkest battles lay ahead. Rush got out of here before the excrement hits the fan hard. I thank God for El Rushbo. Rest in Peace.


Such an important man in my opinion. He was always appreciative and respectful of his callers, unlike the other conservative talk radio hosts who became bored, arrogant and banal.

He also never fell for the “never Trump” idea, because he, like Trump, actually understood what Americans are like. He once said something like: “people who are shocked at Trump’s campaign don’t understand how America talks.” I thought that was insightful.

He cannot simply be dismissed as a “boomer”, because American conservatives are indebted to him. We only see so far because of dissident boomers like Rush.