Russia Culture General


Makes sense. Finland used to be part of the Russian Empire. And even before Imperial times, during the Middle Ages, it is understandable that Russkies contacted with their neighboring peoples and obviously had a very significant cultural influence.
It goes deeper than that. Russian culture itself is a mix of Finno-Ugric (north), Slavic (central/south) and Turkic (east). Thus, there is a natural continuity between the cultures from ancient times.


I looked it up, and it is apparently a Russian Orthodox cartoon which was produced during the period of Soviet rule in Russia. That's different from Soviet political cartoons though, which are pure Bolshevik propaganda.

Here are some other Russian Orthodox cartoons. They are the best educational materials for home schooling children for preserving the faith and culture.

Even more traditional Russian cartoons. These ones are ancient and/or medieval Russian folk mythology, knights, wizards, supernatural creatues, etc.



The three greatest Russian films of all time (and indeed in the running for GREATEST films period) were all directed by Andrei Tarkovsky:


Andrei Rublev


And one of the most beautiful pieces of music was composed by Rachmaninov:

And of course there are the wonderful books by Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. The Dos masterpiece is -- for me -- Demons. Tolstoy was so consistently amazing, but there was something about his late period shorts that stuck out to me (eg. The Kreutzer Sonata and the Forged Coupon). And probably every word by Chekhov.