Ruth Ginsburg Dead


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I humbly submit that the smartest thing Trump could do is nominate this conservative Pro Life Catholic woman (IIRC Amy Coney Barrett) asap as this would energize the Catholic vote and Hispanic Vote, Christian and Catholic suburban women and Evangelicals and could increase Nov 3rd Turnout for Trump plus the (((Marxist Soycialist Media))) and Pelosi and Schumer will go into full deep throated hysterics.

Joe Biden Anti Catholic Voting Record - Bing News
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This is a major Biden weakness:

CatholicVote launches $9.7 million campaign to expose Joe Biden's anti-Catholic record and policies
Catholic record and policiesPR NewswireMADISON, Wis. 17, 2020"For Catholics who cherish the Faith and their freedom to live it, a Biden presidency represents an existential threat.

Famous Catholic nun: Biden-Harris ‘most anti-life presidential ticket ever’

Dr. Howard

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It will be very interesting to see how this plays out...If the GOP strikes while the proverbial iron is hot and makes quick moves to fill the vacancy then we can assume they mean business and are taking things seriously. If they lollygag and dick around then we know they are fully cucked and compromised.
This will flush out any more republi-cucks that have not been exposed already.


I don't care what anyone has to say about our President, but to see that reaction. The genuine reaction of a man reacting to the news of her death is very...striking. For as much of a joke - and I do not mean it derisively, he has led his life with much gilding and humor and as a facade - as Trump has been both by his own making and as a product of his own ego, he is at heart a caring man. The is real humility in his face, his reaction. I guarantee he did not boast, joke, or immediate make plans upon boarding AF1. I believe he sat down, took a heavy breath, and just...took it in. At least for a little bit.

Others have said it before and so have I and I will reiterate it as it bears repeating -

We will never, ever have another President like Donald Trump.