Ruth Ginsburg Dead


Trump most likely knew Ginsburg was going to pass away when he made an announcement last week on Supreme Court nominees.
I think it was more to convince people to vote for him, like "If you vote for me, then in my next term I'll nominate at least one of these to the SC."

Now with RBG, it's an interesting strategy. What if he waits and says he'll nominate someone after the election, as a way of getting people to vote for him? Or would it be better to nominate someone now, and earn votes based on what you did as compared to what you will do?


So what happens if Trump wins, Dem's take the Senate? Do they just spend the next 2 years rejecting his nominations?
It means they'd need to work together to get anything done. Or they could just obstruct constantly, but at least on the Senate side they'd be risking not winning a re-election.
Holy Mackeral. This election is about to get messy and nasty. There is no question GOP wants to fill the vacancy seat immediately.

The Republicans said the same thing about repealing Obamacare. Then when they finally gained a majority of both houses of Congress and the Presidency, they failed to repeal Obamacare. We will see if they have grown backbones and can follow through with what they said about filling a Supreme Court vacancy.
I humbly submit that the smartest thing Trump could do is nominate this conservative Pro Life Catholic woman (IIRC Amy Coney Barrett) asap as this would energize the Catholic vote and Hispanic Vote, Christian and Catholic suburban women and Evangelicals and could increase Nov 3rd Turnout for Trump plus the (((Marxist Soycialist Media))) and Pelosi and Schumer will go into full deep throated hysterics.

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This is a major Biden weakness:

CatholicVote launches $9.7 million campaign to expose Joe Biden's anti-Catholic record and policies
Catholic record and policiesPR NewswireMADISON, Wis. 17, 2020"For Catholics who cherish the Faith and their freedom to live it, a Biden presidency represents an existential threat.

Famous Catholic nun: Biden-Harris ‘most anti-life presidential ticket ever’
Do you really trust a woman justice? A lot of the Republican judges involved in striking down traditional marriage laws were women. My concern is a woman is less likely to have a backbone.