SADS ("Sudden Adult Death Syndrome")


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If you work for the health service, you are almost guaranteed to be an NPC. I think he was naive about the evil and over time things have started to click. Haven't watched one of his videos in over a year but he is opening eyes at least, in whatever manner is necessary.
That’s what I think too. He had total faith in the system because he was rewarded by the system his whole life. When being an NPC has rewarded you with money, status and prestige your entire life you don’t question anything the authorities say.

But slowly but surely the truth eventually broke through and he’s finally starting to realize the horrible reality of the broken system. When an NPC finally wakes up and stops being an NPC, all the other NPCs go crazy with rage and a sense of betrayal and try to shut you down. Similar to the way “proud” fatties often turn against fat celebs who start losing weight like Adele and consider her a traitor.


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Over the course of my lifetime, I'm trying to recall if there's even one famous incident of someone dropping dead while performing in entertainment or something similar. I'm sure people fainted and Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire, for example, and that was big big news. Now people are passing out and dropping dead in entertainment, sports and just everyday activities like it's going out of style. It's really crazy.

It was a huge deal when Ray Mancini fought Duk Koo Kim and the Korean fighter collapsed into a coma when the fight ended and died 4 days later. Big incident in the 80s. Obviously an anomaly.

There may have been some rockstars who passed out on stage due to exhaustion or whatever but certainly not often and not fatally. You would think this should have happened a lot over the course of a few decades but it didn't.

The point being is that this is happening on a daily basis to a lot of people, famous or not famous. Don't let the Satanic lying news convince anyone that there is anything remotely normal about any of this.
Meatloaf collapsed after every show pretty much and never died.

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^^ Extremely sad ruling... but Perfect reminder about how Politics are not as indicative as you would think about his Covid charade!

Alberta is without question the "Republican" province of Canada... yet they vote like "Liberals" on decision like this!

The religion of Science trumps Politics... since all of the upper Class... right below the Elite... benefits from above said religion... and won't ever be swayed unless their kids gets caught in the vaxx Line of Fire!!!

You wouldn't believe how many members of the Canadian Intelligence ( unfortunately I've encountered a few) drive around in F-250's & Ram Trucks!!

In the intelligence world... It's actually the Liberals dips#its who leave you alone & accept your "Freedoms"... unless goaded by the Media to hate you!!

Reading how The FBI Spent 500 Millions on Informants will make sense of what I just wrote.

The World is upside Down!!


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Warning distressing content.


RIP little ones.
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Damned global warming.
Taking out all these fit & healthy athletes... :alien:

The Adelaide Crows and wider footy community are mourning the sudden death of AFLW premiership player Heather Anderson at just 28.

Oct 21, 2021

The AFL, in conjunction with the AFLPA, has on Thursday released its COVID-19 vaccination policy for all AFL and AFLW players and Football Program Staff.

In general terms, the Policy will require all AFL and AFLW players and Football Program Staff to be vaccinated in advance of the start of the AFL and AFLW seasons according to a progressive schedule.