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Thought I'd start a thread on Saint Paisios with a few words he had on clergy...
– Geronda, someone brought an Orthodox priest wearing only trousers [without his cassock] to the monastery. Should we have asked for his blessing?

What blessing? You should have told the person who brought him, no matter how important he was, “Forgive us, but it is a rule in our monastery to give cassocks to priests who are not wearing one. To have a priest come to an Orthodox women’s monastery wearing only his trousers! That is inappropriate.” When the person who brought him has no shame, and when the priest himself is not ashamed for having come without his cassock, why should you be embarrassed to ask him to put one on? I once met a young archimandrite wearing laymen’s clothing at an airport. He was going abroad and introduced himself, “I am Father so and so,” he said. “Where is your cassock?” was my answer. Of course, I did not prostrate in front of him.

– Geronda, some people claim that a modernized clergy will be better able to help people.

When Patriarch Demetrios visited the seminary of the Holy Cross in the United States, a few pious American students went up to him and said, “Your Holiness, don’t you think it’s time for clergy to be more up to date?” The Patriarchs response was, “Saint Cosmas said that when clergy turn into laymen, laymen will turn into demons.” Wasn’t that a good answer? Then they prepared this luxurious suite for him with a fancy bed and so on. The moment he saw it, he said, “Is this where I am supposed to stay, in this room? You’d better bring me a simple cot. When a clergyman becomes worldly, he becomes the devil’s candidate.” (Spiritual Counsels vol. I, pp. 358-359)
I love straight talkers.


My Godmother gave me this photo of him mounted on a piece of wood. Much like Elder Ephraim, it is hard to look at him and not be comforted. He doesn't seem of this world. His life is amazing. As a young man he enlisted in the Army to fight the communists though he took a job as a radioman so he wouldn't have to kill. He postponed becoming a monk in order to do his duty to support his nation. He even reprimanded his commanding officer for blaspheming.

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Thought I'd start a thread on Saint Paisios with a few words he had on clergy...

I love straight talkers.
Oh Roosh what timing, I just finished reading Dionysios Farasiotis's The Gurus, the Young Man, and elder Paisios yesterday evening. It was my second reading of the book as my path isn't a 100 miles from that of Farasiotis. I may just take your post as a Godly sign, as I'm very attracted to hesychasm.