Sane places


What countries, states, and locations have stayed sane, during all this beer bug bull shit?

The only state in the USA that stayed sane was South Dakota.

Outside the USA, there are a few countries that stayed sane:


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There's a whopper of a hurricane Sunday. I took my grandma to the stores to get stuff. Everyone in the huge lines was all nice and patient and friendly. When the disease first came about the store felt like I was back at markets in Iraq. The tension was everywhere. Everybody has really come together. A huge relief has been the lack of the crowd the additional 35,000 people arriving on these little islands caused.



While you're subject to the laws of the country, state, and whatever other higher governmental powers there may be, just being out somewhere remote will go a long way. You can ignore a lot of the bullshit.
Jackboots can't stomp on your face if you're not proximate to them.


Seconded on Vietnam. Life in Vietnam is mostly like normal (pre-pandemic). You see some people wearing masks but there isn’t the widespread fear here like there seems to be in the USA.

I agree that the Viet government handled the situation about as well as possible. A big part of that was closing the border with China immediately and then closing it to everyone everyone except citizens.

Although, they just identified a new case in Da Nang and that city is about to be locked down. Here’s hoping it isn’t found elsewhere in Vietnam:


South Dakota is sane but I'm noticing mask usage is going up in grocery stores and what not. Aside from the elderly, you won't see it walking out and about in parks/outside.


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I've said before that Vietnam did a good job, but at this point I'd still question how "sane" they are. Some old guy tested positive yesterday in Da Nang and the next day there are already people wearing masks and the government is calling for social distancing in the city, as well as doing tests in "high risk" areas.

The thing is, they already tested 100 people that had contact with him and they all tested negative. And it was reported that they're still being quarantined.

You go over 3 months with no new cases, one person tests positive, and you quarantine everyone he knows and are ready to start shutting things down again. Perhaps it's not sane but the "new sane", which goes along with the new normal.

It's not like the virus is going to suddenly disappear from the face of the earth a couple months from now. If this is the typical reaction to a single case, you're never going to be able to reopen borders.