Sasha Johnson of BLM UK


Those outside the UK may not be aware that one of BLM's most high-profile activists was shot recently, and remains critical in hospital after sustaining a bullet wound to the head.


Recently five men were arrested in connection with the attack.[1] This morning it would appear that one is being charged with the crime.[2] I am not sure whether it has been confirmed that the accused is black, but I am imagining that is the case as I believe it would be headline news if he was white.

The Guardian is enraged that some YouTube commentators are 'celebrating' the incident:[3]

Thousands of YouTube comments on Sky News Australia video celebrate BLM activist being shot in head​

Exclusive: The racist and violent comments appear below a video news report about Sasha Johnson who was shot in the head in London​

Sky News Australia’s YouTube channel has published more than 9,000 comments mostly celebrating and mocking the shooting of a Black Lives Matter activist in Britain who is fighting for her life.

The racist and violent comments, which could be described as hate speech, appear below a short video news report uploaded on Monday about the activist Sasha Johnson. Johnson remains in a critical condition after sustaining a gunshot wound to her head in an incident in south London.

“Damn, every once in a while I read something that makes me want to celebrate,” one typical commentator on Sky’s YouTube channel wrote. “Hope she enjoys being a vegetable.”

Another person commented: “When you preach violence this is what you get. Don’t feel sorry for any of these criminals!!”

Though definitely unsympathetic, I'm not quite sure how the above comments 'could be described as hate speech', but I digress.

I don't want to wish Sasha Johnson ill, however I did find it deliciously ironic that someone who has focused their attention and energy on alleged white oppression against blacks, which is minuscule in the UK and apparently included police stopping and searching black youths for weapons, whilst ignoring the black-on-black crime which is rampant, became a victim of black-on-black crime. The cynic in me believes that she might have been motivated by the trappings of being a civil rights campaigner, which might have proved a lucrative and rewarding career. I pray that she recovers sufficiently to be able to campaign for positive change from within the black community.



Play around with demons (blm is a demonic racist organization) and you'll get burned.
It is a racist organisation, but against black people as well as white folk. By preventing the police from stopping and searching black youths, by claiming it is racist, she is perpetuating black-on-black crime.

It is obviously totally unfair to blame white people for all the social and economic problems faced by the UK's black community. Given that Africans are risking their lives to get to Europe and the UK, I would suggest it is a veritable paradise for black people, given the lack of opportunities they have in African and Caribbean countries. I would also suggest they target the music industry, for one, and concentrate on raising standards within their communities.
This was mentioned in another thread on BLM.

Specifically, how did we know the moment it happened that Ms Johnson wasn't shot for her 'truth telling' by some White Supremacist or Bigot?
An associate of Ms Johnson, an Imam Ayton, had said:

"Imarn Ayton said Ms Johnson is believed to have been a party at the time of the incident, and that a "rival gang" might have "heard about someone being in that party that they didn't feel quite comfortable with or trusted, and so they resorted to driving past and shooting into the garden".

"One of those shots obviously hit Sasha Johnson," they said, but that she was likely not "the intended victim"."

1. The shooters "didn't feel quite comfortable with" their rival gang, the rival gang that Johnson was affiliated with. They didn't quite 'trust.." them. Sounds like an indulgent grandmother talking about a 5 year old.

2. They shot "..into the garden." Not at their rival or anything. "Into the garden.." vaguely.. Sounds like more excuses for 5 year olds.

3. "One those shots obviously hit Sasha Johnson.." So it was the fault of those felonious bullets after all. But it sounds like the shot in question was confused and bumped into Ms Johnson by accident. Glad we settled that.

IMAGINE if it was anyone who wasn't the same skin color or tribe or sub-culture?

They tried to keep talking about the 'numerous' death threats that she had received beforehand because of her 'truth-telling'. No-one's buying it.

And then.... the news becomes ==== ***Unkind Comments on Sky News Australia Channel!!!***
^as if that's the news-worthy item.

Another aspect is that, during a slowly repealing Lockdown in London, single mother Ms Johnson is having a big party, partying with gang members, the gang members that she and her buddies affiliate with.
Truly - from Patrica Cullors' million dollar property acquisitions and $19,000 weekend splurges on her business buddies in CA across the Atlantic to a bunch of gangsters, (((activists))), media whores all celebrating how bad and dangerous they are at 3am in the morning - truly, BLM is one big party on the taxpayer and (((financier))) dime it seems. All at the expense of hated whitey.

One poster on the other thread said:
"I'm beginning to detect a pattern here: the devil refused to see the truth of things and fell from grace. Continuing in his error, the devil is now unable to repent. The devil inspires BLM. BLM is blind as a bat. It adds up."

BLM is as blind as a bat but probably useful to the satanists who use their organization.

I would say that the anticipation/thrill of violence and anticipation/thrill of sex associated with the opportunity for political power is a heady cocktail for these people and it reminds me very much of the Moscow that Mikhail Bulgakov depicts in his novel "The Master and Margharita".

"In the novel, the Devil and his henchmen appear in the atheistic 1930s Soviet Union. They target the literary elite and Massolit, their trade union whose headquarters is Griboyedov House. Massolit consists of corrupt social climbers and their women, bureaucrats, profiteers, and cynics."
Basically blacks just want to be able to murder with no consequences, their own people, and everyone else who they feel like on a whim. How dare ANYONE interfere with their inherent hoodoo bloodlust! That is the justification for BLM. That is the impetus for its existence. This is the underlying reality they are trying to create, especially more destructive since its caste system is filled with gays and devil worshipers. The blacks fail to see themselves for the destructive wastrels they are, and since things got inverted people can't just point and say "that is not correct behavior," so the zookeepers working for what is left of civilization come in to pull the reins to stop their savagery and the response is, "its racist." The sooner we collectively get this garbage ideology (all ideologies are tbh) past everyone and people stop caring, the sooner we can continue with overcoming the other ill influences like feminism, marxism, judeo-satanism, and homofaggotism.

Yeah shame about the girl, not bad looking, but wasted brains cannot make up for any account of beauty by any standard.