Scott Adams on marriage


He, Scott, was duped during the Covington Catholic High School Hoax via Native American Indian.

I hope all works out for them, she must have had her first kid at age 20. It seems that she left the kids alone with the grandparents while she studied music and completed 6 years of schooling. I think she has a Masters degree.

If two (2) kids, then there is a sperm donor or two different sperm donors (ahem, Dr. Laura speak).


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She has 2 daughters. His net worth is almost in the 9 digits and yet he goes for women that can divorce rape him for kids that aren't even his.

I watch his vlogging. Everything he says and does made sense from a 3d chess perspective. By that I mean he will purposely say the most blue pilled simp thing just to earn the trust of an audience. Once he has a grasp of an audience's attention he will start influencing his them with his idea. Gaining and maintaining attention is said to be the crux of persuasion or game in his circles. From this perspective, it makes absolute sense to say simp things like women need extra rights or anything else needlessly even-handed - it's part of persuasion. If he didn't want to influence anyone he would just be honest so people could tune out immediately.

I look at Adams with a great deal of respect in the sense that I see him having power levels of a Sith in Star Wars or some other fictional character you might fancy. There has always been a logic or method to his madness when it comes to his speech or behaviour, but for the life of me, I cannot understand why he succumbs to cuckoldry.

A few years ago an online chatbox random called him out as a "cuck" while he was Periscope'ing and this visibly angered him. Adams then went onto a diatribe about how parents only pass on half their genes to their offspring, but he on the other hand, would likely pass on 100% because future technology. He said that the available vlogging and information on the net would allow people in the future to clone his body with his personality in tact which would essentially be passing 100% of his genes onto the future. Needless to say, I was a shocked Pikachu.

I mean, Adams has always been a bit of an eccentric and his atheistic worldview has a lot of interesting perspectives but the difference between him and I are are that he has convictions in his conjectures whereas I am agnostic. His most interesting concepts come from his seemingly nilehistic views on the universe. He believes that if there is a God it is a God that governs probabilities and that is all we really need. He believes firmly that we live in a simulated reality and gives examples of how you can recognise you are living in one. Here is a link to him talking about this:

The only way I can reasonably explain why Adams literally cucks himself is that he is demoralised by his worldview of living in a simulated reality and thus it doesn't really matter if you are a cuckold or if you have kids at all because none of it is real. Truly terrifying. If you follow his material you will know he really has no doubts about this stuff. He even mentioned that within 20 years the theory of evolution would be debunked since simulation theory would replace it. Nobody scares me like he does lol.

Adams is a cultural cuck, a bluepilled/purple pilled pozzed NYC/Berkeley Boomer who is into 21st century masonic/gnostic/luciferian dogmas like transhumanism, and very much steeped into magick as a trained hypnotist. By saying we live in a simulated reality, he really means that this reality is constructed by high-level people like him who shape the culture and most people's perception of reality through wizardry, mass hypnosis and magick. To some extent, he is right, but this also shows that he is a believer and a junior partner in that luciferian system.

Spiritually, he's an empty shell, that's the picture you get when you see that his marriage ceremony was sanctioned by a middle aged woman that looks like an HR manager at HP who was reading off some poem or new age platitude from her iphone. This is probably the best marriage he could aspire to as someone with that kind of spiritual and mental background.