Secession a Possibility?


Saw an article in The Gateway Pundit where some Texas state legislators are considering secession.

When the Soviet Union dissolved, there was not a war. Why can't the US peacefully decide to dissolve, but retain some alliance?



When the Soviet Union dissolved, there was not a war. Why can't the US peacefully decide to dissolve, but retain some alliance?
Because the leftists who hate us and want us all dead want it all. They are not happy with having their piece of the country if it means the rest of us remain free. Also the fedgov will not permit any of their tax serfs to get away. We are serfs to them and they won't let us leave in peace, just as they didn't let the South leave the first time.


Saw an article in The Gateway Pundit where some Texas state legislators are considering secession.

When the Soviet Union dissolved, there was not a war. Why can't the US peacefully decide to dissolve, but retain some alliance?

That would be the best outcome (and is the only possible political solution) but we are probably 10-20 years too late. Even the red state governments are largely run by cucks, especially among the state wide and federal level positions. And the right doesn't even have a strong regional presence any more. It used to be that we had a grasp on everything away from the coasts. Now even the old Confederacy is no longer a unified right wing stronghold - GA and VA are lost and NC, TX and FL are basically divided 50/50. We needed the break to happen before our demographics had been entirely destroyed.
Texas is unique in that it was not a territory or an original colony, it was its own country that had its own war of independence against a tyrant. The citizens then voted by referendum to join the union and permanently staying in the union was not in the bargain, so why can they not vote to un-join? There was the Supreme Court decision White-Texas which has a line in it that states can not scede, but that was not the question before the court in that case, and was a flaky oh-by-the-way.

The coastal elites would cry over not being able to directly impose globo-homo on everyone there, but on the other hand, it would give them permanent control over the White House and Congress so maybe the ability to do away with the pretense of democracy would be worthy trade. Of course, many other states would then want to secede as well.

Texas would immediately be the world's 10th largest economy, ahead of Canada. It would be a net energy exporter, has lots of agriculutre, and also has a surprising amount of manufacturing from vehicles to computer chips.

Sticky issues would be if it left with a chunk of the national debt (give Texas what it has in the SS "trust fund" too), what to do with several military bases, and the fact that the only US plants that build F-35's, tilit-rotor helicopters, and the nation's nuclear war heads, are all in Texas. Hopefully Arkansas would secede too, as it would be kind of hard to put a customs and immigration check point in the middle of Texarkana.
Remove the soil from underneath a man's feet upon which he was born, and he will only be keeping up a pretense of a connection. Texas should secede, because then others will follow suit. Not to mention it has plenty of coastline which the rest of middle America could use for import/export.


No, its a pipe dream and the politicians are posturing. First how is this going to be accomplished? By vote? After we've seen them steal a whole Presidential election? I mean they wouldn't even tolerate a large influx of conservatives and patriots simply moving to Texas much less official secession. I can already picture all the EOP media in unison declaring "WHITE SUPREMACISTS PLANNING TO TAKE OVER TEXAS" and the governor giving a cliche remark about Texas has no place for hate. Deep State and Neocons can't even comprehend ever taking US forces out of South Korea or Japan, you really think they're going to let a critical piece of America (on the border!) become a foreign nation?

I encourage brainstorming for good solutions right now but this one is not realistic. What we need is small groups, like 4-6 couples forming a community in a small town or city in a red state and setting up a homeschooling group. This all needs to happen under the radar.

The only thing this Texas idea will do is give one more thing for demented liberals to freak out about and China good propoganda material. (So why is it OK Taiwan wants independence but not Texas?)


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Not going to happen, not only because of all the reasons it would never be allowed to happen but simply because Texas isn’t Texas anymore. If you’ve spent any time there lately in a suburban area and not out in the middle of nowhere you would know what I mean. Texas has more foreigners than anywhere, and I don’t mean the old world immigrants that came here to be Americans I mean the new age hands out I hate America even though I moved here immigrants.

I spent time in Houston and other parts of Texas about 15 years ago and loved it, I’ve spent time there very recently and you would think it was a social experiment cramming as many of the lowest common denominator of foreigners into one place as they could.


I can't see how 18 States sit contented after Biden is sworn in ...

"Those [17] states are: Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia."

Amicus Brief to Texas Lawsuit - scroll to the bottom to see names of Additional Counsel

All because four (4) States think they are King.
(Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania)

And 28 States sit by idle, nonplussed, indifferent/bored.


I'm looking for legal challenges, if Biden is sworn in ... similar to ObamaCare being unconstitutional.
It might happen within the next 4 to 8 years. "Coach Red Pill" has a recent video about it. You can also read the "Patriots" series by John Wesley Rawles. It happens after America goes through an inflationary period that completely destroys the U.S. economy. It is a very plausible scenario in my opinion.
A national faliure is far more plausible than a state breaking away. An inflationary period could come from China requiring hard resources like gold or oil instead of US dollars, especially once its Belt and Road gets big enough.

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From the inception of the right-wing movement to leave the EU, it took thirty years to actually leave. It took one big battering-ram in UKIP winning the EU elections in 2014 to scare the fake Conservative Party into giving a referendum on membership. It wasn't something they wanted to do. They lost that. Within a year 80% of people voted for parties who pledged to leave. Both backslidded to staying, either in name only or in full. A newly formed party managed to win the 2019 EU elections, on leaving. And then the fake Conservative Party finally realise it was - stay in Europe and destroy the Conservative Party or leave and preserve it.

Secession would likely be a long fight.

We must pray for something to materialise.

I believe the globalists very much want to keep The US together. If it splits their plans are scuppered. The US is to be used as the engine for global control, while destroying it in the process.


Pipedreams.. at least pick states that have demographic chances. Texas is lost, you'd have half the population, probably more that would fight against secession from globohomo. Now montana, Wyoming, the dakotas, Idaho? are at least demographically sound in their citizens and votes... for now. Texas may have worked 30 years ago, but its severerly compromised in its current form.


The US is an economic zone and the world police. We make the market and we guard the seaways to get the oil around.

Unfortunately, that means we're not allowed to have a happening of any kind. That's too valuable to everyone who matters. Elites who are nominally competing with one another are nonetheless united in their need for the US to stay what it is, economic zone and world police.

That you and I live here, that we'd like to think of it as a nation and as a place, doesn't mean anything.


I'll say this. I think secession is definitely a possibility. But, I can understand the back and forth between other posters on this thread. Once thing is for certain and that is something will happen, be it, secession, civil war, exodus, occupation etc. Maybe all of those things. The situation in the US is untenable.


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I doubt it'll happen for reasons @Coja Petrus Uscan and @uncledick mention. Although I would like it to happen, I highly doubt that Americans have the chutzpah to make a stand. The truth is that most Republicans are happy enough with the way the country is going as long as their 401k's do well. Additionally they don't have anything specifically to stand for, like a religion or a general belief system.

In order for secession to work you need a devout, homogeneous area to spring up and start becoming self-reliant. As the march towards communism grows, the seceding state will simultaneously become more independent, until one day "enough is enough." Only then will they have the tools necessary to withstand the trials of a successful secession.