Secession a Possibility?

None of this will change anything if the Biden administration (or whatever will follow) is able to kick open the doors and literally flood conservative states with culturally incompatible migrants. If there is one thing the Left understands very well then it is that politics is downstream from culture. It is up to us to change the culture and everything else will fall in place.

How to do this? It takes a LONG time - at least a generation. The cultural and political train wreck we see unfold in front of our eyes today did not spring up out of the blue from one year to the next. Watch some older movies or shows from 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago and you gradually see the poz take over. Once a country's culture has been dismantled there is no way to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. There are too many divisions now and the population has intentionally and systematically been polarized. I fear that we'll see a lot of blood and tears before it gets any better.

I have my doubts that secession could be successful at this stage. Conservatives have been complacent and reactive far too long now, giving up one hill after the other, and Whites in particular have now effectively been turned into an underclass. It is doubtful that they simply will be permitted to extract themselves and start anew in their own state or group of states. The Left would simply not permit it and lash out way before a movement like this could gain traction.

Rob Banks

No, secession is obviously not a possibility.

I will bet anyone here all my possessions amd savings that secession will not happen.

Come on, now. Let's be realistic.

P.S. If "secession" happened with a vote rather than war, like they tried to do in Scotland several years ago, then that means the System is allowing (whatever region) to secede. True sovereignty would be a fantasy.

Obviously, the System would not allow secession if they could no longer control the seceeded country. It would be ridiculous to think otherwise.

Max Roscoe

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None of this will change anything if the Biden administration (or whatever will follow) is able to kick open the doors and literally flood conservative states with culturally incompatible migrants.
It is not just "leftists" who are flooding our society with outsiders. Democrats will bring in Somalis, Republicans counter with weird Cubans, or Hong Kong rioting dissidents, or Chinese Uighers, or the nutty 2% of Venezuelans who support Juan Guaido. And of course they both welcome Our Greatest Ally to come and take advantage of our economic opportunities, while maintaining foreign citizenship and loyalty, and can even spy on America with impunity, in all but the most egregious cases.

When was the last time a Republican supported immigration from Europe or South Africa?


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I think secession is only going to be an option, however far fetched, for a window of time and only in certain states that have yet to see an influx of immigrants/illegals/leftists. These states people are talking about retreating to - they may be majority white and/or conservative areas right now, that doesn't mean they will be in the future. The leftists will make sure of that. West Virginia is one of the whitest and most culturally conservative states in the nation and even there they are having to deal with efforts to resettle Syrian refugees.

If we keep with the status quo then the electoral future conservatives have to look forward to is watching red states go purple, and purple states go blue. I am 100% certain the left will do everything they can to ensure that there's no place left to run to. They will leave no stone unturned. In the meantime the government and the media will be working overtime to convince the rest of the country that your average Trump supporter is the domestic equivalent of the Taliban. There is a deadline for secession to happen, because after a certain point there won't be enough of us relative to the rest of the population surrounding us to matter. You will be politically powerless and openly reviled by the rest of the country who's convinced you're on the same moral level as Al-Qaeda.

I realize that many on this board think the idea of secession is ridiculous, but at this point I think conservatives are left with very few good options going forward. Between demographic replacement, election fraud, tech industry deplatforming, and the state branding conservatives as insurgents the likelihood of conservatives being able to take back this country or even win elections to effect meaningful changes is dwindling.

Heritage America's choices going forward, as I see them, is accepting their future dhimmitude status in a nation that has now become openly hostile towards them, or escaping from the left while they still can.


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There are already states (i.e., North Dakota, South Dakota, etc.) that are not going to follow the Biden Administration's recent Executive Orders. There is a strong possibility that the U.S. states will tell Biden and his radical goons to shove it.

(Everybody knows Biden-Harris stole the election.)




What makes you think so?
Did you even read it?
Read it.

“Now imagine a system in which a private company as a ‘government service provider’ offers you protection of life, liberty and property. This service includes internal and external security, a legal and regulatory framework, and independent dispute resolution. You pay a contractually fixed amount per year for these services.”

Sounds like taxes.

And what happens if you’ve had a bad year and can’t afford to pay what you have “contracted” to pay?
probably is more likely is the bankrupt federal government doesn't have the money and resources to enforce its rules in rural counties, Which resist in subtle ways. It will be a de facto succession


I wouldn't mind my home state of Florida seceding, with the political undesirables in places like dade county and other big cities "encouraged' to leave in one form or another.
Sadly I think all the New Yorker snowbirds would switch residency (if they haven't already done so for tax purposes) and vote that down hard.
The mere title of this thread shows how cowardly society has gotten. Secession is never a possibility, nor has it been a matter of permission, let alone legality.

The example of Brexit is poor. Brexit was merely the UK leaving the EU's equivalent of NATO, nothing more.

Americans do not understand the true nature of secession. Secession is literally force, not jurisprudence. The Texit people are controlled opposition, because they don't understand Texas history.

When Texas left the Spanish, they didn't ask permission and they certainly did not put it to a vote. They literally made the decision to leave, and fought for that to become reality.

If any state, or group of states believes they can gain surety from a federal government subverted by foreign actors, they're kidding themselves.


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North Dakota Republicans Are Considering To Nullify Federal Laws Due To Biden’s Misuse Of Executive Orders​

North Dakota is pushing back against Biden’s authoritarian rule.

Legislators from North Dakota are close to enacting a new bill that will cut off the Federal government’s power over North Dakota.

Republican Rep. Sebastian Ertelt, who introduced the bill was quoted saying “Upon receipt of federal legislation, regulation, or executive order, for consideration and process, the committee shall recommend whether to nullify in its entirety a specific federal law, regulation, or executive order.

The Western Journal covered the Bill and shared these details:
As the federal government in 1798 teetered dangerously close to what James Madison considered a vast misuse of its powers under the Constitution, he authored the Virginia Resolution.

The resolution affirmed that “in case of a deliberate, palpable, and dangerous exercise of other powers, not granted by the said compact, the states who are parties thereto, have the right, and are in duty bound, to interpose for arresting the progress of the evil, and for maintaining within their respective limits, the authorities, rights and liberties appertaining to them.”

More than 220 years later, North Dakota legislators — alarmed by the deluge of executive decrees from the Biden White House — are considering legislation to push back against the flood.

House Bill 1282, introduced recently by Republican state Rep. Sebastian Ertelt, creates what legislators are calling a committee on nullification.

If passed, the State Legislature ostensibly would decide if the edict becomes the law in North Dakota.

The National File commented on the story too:
Republican legislators in North Dakota are taking a pro-active – and constitutional – step to push back against unconstitutional executive orders coming out of the Biden administration, and they are doing so with the power of the US Constitution in their corner.

A new bill introduced in the North Dakota State Legislature (HB1164), would instruct the state’s Attorney General to review the constitutionality of each of the executive orders issued by Joe Biden.

Under the proposed law, should the North Dakota Attorney General find that any executive orders are unlawful – or unconstitutional, the executive order would be “nullified,” it would prohibit any state, county, or local agency – or publicly funded organization – from enforcing the order(s).

If Biden continues to act like a dictator with his constant executive orders look for more states to distant themselves from Federal Laws.

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North Dakota Republicans Are Considering To Nullify Federal Laws Due To Biden’s Misuse Of Executive Orders​

This is ridiculous. States should stop obeying and enforcing the law. Law isn't law, when millions suffer and are put out of work. States should take a page out of Mexico's book, chase the federal government out when they try enforcing these unjust edicts. That includes gun-control.