Secession a Possibility?


It took the UK years to figure out how to make Brexit actually work, and it's a work in progress. I wonder how Texas will be able to pull this off. States are so connected to the federal government economically that' it's a big effor to unravel all that.

I think it's more, the powers that be don't want to make brexit work, and have been dragging their feet for years.

On the topic of fedgov gibs, you have a point that they will probably cut off all federal bennies and grants, and that is a problem. But an even bigger problem is the fedgov will lose all that revenue from Texas. Then the issue becomes would Texans have more to gain from no longer having to pay federal taxes than they would lose from not getting any more federal gibs. Older people on fixed incomes would probably have more to lose, while younger people likely have more to gain, not least of which being the issue of whether social security will even be solvent by the time they are old enough to collect it.

Then you have the non-rational factors. It's an open secret that the rulers in DC hate people in red states. They love nothing more than to lord it over the rest of us, and impose their values and ideology on us. They also just love power. They will not willingly relinquish power, and they will not willingly back off and leave the people they hate alone. So they will keep antagonizing the flyover country people. When flyover country has had enough and is willing to break away, damn the consequences, DC will go to war to try and stop them. Why do you think they are so adamant about marginalizing normal, patriotic, Christian White men in the military? They know that degenerates and imported peoples with no connection to legacy Americans will have no problem firing on them.

Of course China and Russia are probably laughing at us right now...
Won't the federal government react to this once this starts? They'll just say "Hey, Texas if you are no longer considering yourself part of the US, then we'll cut off funding." and suddenly there is no funding for social security checks, school lunches, food assistance, highway projects, air traffic control, the military bases close up, banks shut out of the banking system, and on and on.

Brinksmanship is to be expected by any state implementing secession. I used Texas as an example, but if Governor Abbott and the Texans actually tried it, they would be morons to not have economic contingencies already in place. The onus is on the United States to maintain a currency that can still underwrite the SSA, SNAP, CACFP, TANF, Head Start and the myriad other federal assistance programs. Perhaps secession wouldnʻt sound so sinister if we just called it Plan B In Case Of Civil Implosion.


The other aspect is you’d probably see a huge influx into the seceded state, and many would be skilled individuals and businesses not just low skill refugees.


Or this war they want with Russia may do it. It’s going to badly strain federal resources especially after the Woke military gets its teeth kicked in during the initial months of conflict.


Warning; pessimistic material ahead.

At least admit that 'amicable separation' is beyond disingenuous. This system is from the pits of hell, not some kooky new governing style that will just rollover and agree to disagree. Its requires a hostage populace to keep the wheels turning. Without us, its literally nothing.

We know it. They know it. And its lackeys do too.

Its the same reason why all these loser governments go to such extraordinary lengths to ruin the lives of dissidents, because

1. The dissidents are correct.
2. Because of this, if Globohomo doesn't intervene, they'll almost certainly live wonderful meaningful lives and give good advice too.

So side by side comparisons are not going to tolerated; they don't really want that on an individual level much less allowing half the country break away and do its own thing. USSA risks monumental embarrassment letting hickmerica outperform them.

Unfortunately, I shudder to think of the torment that the system would put a breakaway population through should the secession thing somehow someway gain steam. Your job or your business would be the first thing to be taken away in the affected region, nevermind things like electricity, running water, and supply lines in general. Should enough holdouts tolerate this and live off-grid lives, I would expect relentless ridicule campaigns from the usual suspects to their serfs who are still hooked up to the matrix. Yet, I doubt being poor and powerless would placate our enemies at that point; opting out isn't intended to be an option either.

This is coming from a guy who loved to browse althistory maps and enjoyed watching Texas Nationalist interviews back in the day. I like to think I'm an optimistic person- but not about this stuff. In such a technologically connected world, under a pushover private sector, under an exceptionally cruel cabal, secession is really low hanging fruit.

Blade Runner

I think @DenizenJane is mostly correct, that's why I have only seen a military coup as viable, since it retains a component of central control and calls the shots. There are far too many questions with what to do with federal lands, military posts, ports, etc. A noble leadership could transition such a thing over the long term, but it would almost by definition have to start with centrally destroying the swamp and jailing all of the traitors, or more.
Secession from the Union? No. Sad to say that whole Constitutional Crisis was settled with the blood of 600,000 dead. I wish the writers of the Constitution had set up some kind of system for states to leave the Union, and for parts of states to leave and either join other states or form their own states. I would've let the South leave the Union if it were up to me back in the 1860s.

If we could compromise I think something could be achieved peacefully. (DC and Puerto Rico become states in exchange for two new states carved out from CA and OR for instance.) But as we all know, or should know, the "other side" doesn't compromise. They use the word, but what they mean is: "We'll compromise! We'll get what we want today, you can get what you want tomorrow! That's fair!" And when tomorrow gets here, they say, "We'll see..." And when the day after tomorrow gets here, they say, "We need more."


Well, what happens when the red states start refusing to pay federal taxes? Refuse to enforce federal orders?

They lose their federal grants, federal assistance, and federal programs/projects.

Other than that, not much.

There will be no conventional war launched on behalf of US federal authorities against states practicing a partial or full succession in 2021. No federally-led army is going to do a shock-and-awe on Austin like we bombed Baghdad.

But likewise, there will be no new “confederacy of states” that rises-up and tries to take down the federal government. Not when the feds control the nukes.

And so what I foresee happening is as follows.

Yes, the Republican-majority states will begin taking steps towards secession. They will refuse to enforce Biden’s executive orders. Many will refuse to assist the IRS in rounding-up federal tax cheats—and conservatives flat-out refusing to pay federal income tax will become far more widespread. Federal assistance will be cut, and such states receiving the cuts will have to increase their state and local taxes to offset the result. Nonetheless, all of this will happen without bloodshed.

But the actual death of the Empire will only come through its own armed forces turning against it—from significant mutinous movements within those armed forces. They will eventually conduct a coup—a real coup, rather than the Jan 6th civil disturbance Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have been calling a coup.

God willing, the military officers behind such a coup will be in sympathy with the Republican-majority states moving towards secession. That is, they will simply de-federalize our nation—return us to the type of loose agreement we enjoyed under the Articles of Confederation.

Under the Articles of Confederation there is no federal executive branch, no federal judicial branch, no federal income tax, and each state is free to mint its own money as it sees fit.

And God willing, the military officers behind such a coup will be Christian, and will recognize nukes for being the wholly unchristian inventions they are—and then get rid of all of them. And I mean quick. Just forget about environmental regulations, take them all out into the most deserted part of the South Pacific and detonate them all at once. Set a global precedent for total nuclear disarmament.

In my mind, I see such US military officers as being “God’s warriors”. Not all of them, but enough of them to steer dissatisfaction amongst US military personnel into His purposes.

And I am certain His purposes are the destruction of the ZOG Empire, and the returning of the American states to their former self-determination.


Two in three Republicans in the South support SECEDING from the US while almost half of Democrats out West say the same, survey finds
  • Two-thirds of Republicans in the South say they favor seceding from the Union
  • Nearly half of Democrats in the Pacific region - 47% - also back secession
  • Findings are from survey conducted by Bright Line Watch and YouGov
  • Overall, 44% of Americans in the South said they would favor seceding from US
  • Survey divides respondents into geographical regions that could form countries
Saw an article in The Gateway Pundit where some Texas state legislators are considering secession.

When the Soviet Union dissolved, there was not a war. Why can't the US peacefully decide to dissolve, but retain some alliance?

The Soviet Union collapsed because the collapse of legitimacy among a critical mass of the existing elite as well as rank and file.

It died as much from apathy as a desire for freedom. And as much as from bankruptcy.
Remove the soil from underneath a man's feet upon which he was born, and he will only be keeping up a pretense of a connection. Texas should secede, because then others will follow suit. Not to mention it has plenty of coastline which the rest of middle America could use for import/export.
The original secession was a strategic failure. Winning plenty of battles but not the War.

Ulysses S Grant won strategically on the other hand.