Self help gurus urging men to stay single in their twenties


An appeal to biology a little bit here. Hormones, passion, and general zest are at their peak in young adults for a reason. You could argue the opposite too, I guess; that's its part of the sinful, flawed human condition and must therefore be overcome or stonewalled. But I couldn't in good conscience tell twenty-somethings to spurn all courtship and delay things to the age when everybody knows human beings aren't in "full bloom" anymore.

Since its advice from gurus- it wreaks of materialism. It the assumption that everyone will have accumulated enough wealth in their thirties to finally afford a wife and kids. Who says, exactly? Sure, working hard and being responsible puts you in the right direction, but things happen. Sudden job loss, sudden illness, psycho governments confiscating all your money etc. And, as others have said, the concept of 'enough money' to afford children is a forever moving goalpost, isn't it?

I think another biological is things parents (subtlety) say after you become a certain age. They start picking your brain about a partner in your mid-twenties at the latest. Any normal parents care about their kids having jobs and being financially secure too, but that concern seems to be pared with their kids not being alone. I'm no parent, but its so common, it has to be some instinctual thing.

Viktor Zeegelaar

Orthodox Inquirer
Does it matter what the nihilist, materialistic, atheist self help gurus say? I know that their lessons, although in some aspects beneficial such as how finances work, had more negative than positive output on me in general. I'd be more interested in what the Church Fathers say, anyone can elaborate?