She is friends with her ex...

Rob Banks

Women nowadays take that to mean that they can literally do whatever they please, without any consequences or censure. Marriage these days has a one in two chance of failure. I honestly cant think why anyone would want to get married anymore. Its simply not worth the risk, esp as a man, who certainly will lose his house if he owns one, the child support, which she uses on otherthings, the alimony, think of that,she cheats and you pay for the rest of your life! I should know, happened to me.
So it may be true that 50% of modern marriages end in divorce. But that doesn't mean your marriage has a 1 in 2 chance of failure (as if you were flipping a coin or rolling a dice).

Divorce is one of the deepest, most evil types of betrayal there is. Just because the world is so degenerate that 1 in 2 men (or women) are betrayed so deeply, that does't mean your wife will do the same (provided she is a good woman and you have a strong marriage).

Let me ask you something: Do you ever worry that your son or daughter will murder you? (of course you don't)

Now, what if you were forced to move your family to a country where 50% of fathers were murdered by their children. Would you now be worried that your children would eventually kill you?

Of course you wouldn't. Because you know and trust your children well enough to know they would never do that, regardless of what the world around them is doing.

Same goes for a wife. If you truly know her and trust her, why would you need to worry that she will betray you?

Additionally, your comment about losing money and property in the divorce encourages men to have a cynical attitude, as well as not having their priorities straight.

I can't comment on your particular situation, but if a man thinking of getting married is already calculating in his head how much money/property he will lose in the divorce, then perhaps he is not ready for the deep spiritual union and self-sacrifice that is marriage. Such a man would be a worldly man concerned primarily with worldly things. He would also be a cynical man expecting his wife to betray him as well as any children they may have together.

If you believe a woman will betray you and break up her family for the sake of fleeting sexual pleasure, why marry her? If all women were like that, then obviously no man should ever get married. But to claim all women are evil is to accuse God of creating a creature (made in His image, none the less) who is inherently evil.


If you truly believe (I should say, know) that marriage is a sacrament, you will marry a woman who also knows it is a sacrament, and divorce will not be a worry. You will choose your spouse accordingly. Marriage becoming more secular is the reason for high divorce rates. That's what got us homosexual marriage. I think that is by design.

No one should stay friends with their ex. Ever. Even better, don't have any exes and marry your one and only.
Amen brother, can't go worng marrying virgin or at least it is statistically slim! I would go so far as to say that a woman who has males "friends" with whom she spends time alone, is high risk. I can be friendly with women I'm attracted to, but I could never be true platonic friends and spend time alone without wanting to be something more , its just unnatural to me but maybe its just a generational thing . . . I'm mid-forties.
And women who want to have a bunch of male "friends" around are attention whores in my observation. They get off on having men orbit around them and knowing that they want to bang them . . . they love the sexual tension and to tease these same friends even if they have no sexual attraction for them. It fulfills their need for validation without having to put out. You can't keep a woman like that happy. This woman goes in the "pump and dump" box for your friend if he is secular.


Women don't talk to men they used to bang that they don't want to bang again. If a woman used to go to bed with a guy and really has lost desire for him - then she hates to be around him and remember what this guy she no longer respects used to do to her. If she hangs around with him - then there is a 100% chance she would go to bed with him again if he wanted to. Some radicals say the odds are only 99% - they are wrong.
If that's the case then I have 5 women I often chat to who are exes who all want to bang me again. Really? One has just got married ( though she was always a future possible wife and we did meet up someyears later for a sex holiday), another has been married 10 years, I've not seen her for 18 years, another is living with a guy, not seen her for 10 years, another got married after dumping me for her now husband and another lives in a different country, again 8 years or so since I've seen her. Ironically the last one used to freak out about me having any picture of me with exes on facebook or me having any female friends whatsoever, exes or not.

No one should stay friends with their ex. Ever. Even better, don't have any exes and marry your one and only.
How am I to know that a woman is my one and only? obviously if this were an option we wouldn't be in this situation (my ideal wife doesn't cheat). What if my one and only has exes?