Should I avoid women who have temporarily lived in southern Europe?

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I invited a Finnish girl to a bar this evening, she has lived in Spain and in Portugal before. She was different than the other Finnish girls, in a bad way. She was 31, older than what I meet usually (18-27).

She was un-emotional, had an evading stare and didn't seem invested. She was keeping on about how she misses Spain and how she loves South Europe, Greece... I quickly understood that she was a jaded slut. I was really bored, there was no investment from her and at the same time she wasn't doing anything cunty so I kept going. I wanted to leave but thought I'll cut my losses and invite her to my place after we finish our drinks.

TLDR : She accepted to come to my place after some "maybe" and non-invested answers. Kept being un-emotional and evaside like a robot at my place, although she is obviously a jaded slut. Refused my advances so I kicked her out.

Are all women who have lived in Southern Europe like that? Seems like Spanish men spoiled her or something. I normally behave kinda cold with Finnish women and it works well. Seems like a northern woman who has lived in the south expects you to be a clown or something and to make all the effort. She wasn't even hot or anything, actually less good looking than her pics. I don't even know why I create this thread, I guess I feel entitled to Finnish women since usually they are not like that.


Sounds like you just met an easy slut that goes home with random men. Don't generalize all women based on just one.

Why do you say you feel entitled to Finnish women? Are you Finnish? Do you think you deserve to have a good Finnish woman?

If you meet several Finnish women that act like her after going to Spain, then maybe you can start making this generalization. It sort of seems like you're a bit bitter maybe because she didn't have sex with you.
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