Should the dissident right start using Chinese social media sites?

Sina Weibo, Youku and WeChat and many others.

I want to support Gab, Voat and the other pro-free speech social media sites but I think we should have our eggs in as many baskets as we can. As we've seen with the recent stunt w Microsoft demanding Gab removing a post pretty much any social media website from the west is vulnerable to SJW/msm lobbying to be shut down.

China has the most advanced social media websites outside of Sillicon Valley and they happen to be the geopolitical rival of the US and the west so I would think they would stay neutral (maybe they would enjoy it a little) of letting the dissident right have a presence on their social media websites. Just like Russia was happy to host Edward Snowden.

"Is it smart to give our information to a government as evil as China?"

I very strongly dislike the Chinese government but we're all being spied on by Sillicon Valley/the western governments anyway. China has 1.5 billion people to spy on, do they really care about the private info or some fringe political figures from the west that really don't really threaten their status quo at all? Also Hollywood and Sillicon Valley are in bed with China so they can't arbitrarily shut down or criticise Chinese social media websites without angering the Chinese government. Besides some liberal footsoldier/useful idiots screaming we're now CHINESE BOTS what are they going to do?

We're guerrillas, we can't have everything perfect. Sometimes we have to do unconventional things to survive. Just like the chinese communists retreated to the rough rural interior of northwest China after being almost killed by the Nationalists maybe we need a long march to the Chinese web where they'll have a harder time censoring us.

Dr Mantis Toboggan

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As bad as the western governments are, China is worse. And don't think they don't know how to play the SJW card when it suits them--a year or so ago the Dalai Lama was set to make an appearance at a university in California (either UC San Diego or San Diego State), the school's Chinese Students Association protested the event--no prizes for figuring out they did so on orders from Beijing--but what was interesting was the SJWish language the CSA, calling the Dalai Lama an enemy of "diversity and inclusiveness".