Should women have the right to vote?

Should women be allowed to vote?

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Chiliasm is a really bad heresy. People who believe in this may believe that the Antichrist's reign is that 1000 year reign. Likewise, people who believe they will be raptured before the tribulations will not believe anyone is the Antichrist ever, because they expect to fly up into the air before that starts, so they are more likely to submit to the Antichrist.

The Church recognizes the 1000 year reign to be the current period we are in.

The heresy is based on Revelation 20:2-3

What it is actually describing is Christ defeating death by death by his resurrection and chaining Satan, to be let out for a little while in the last days.

The person I linked to repudiates Pre-Tribulation rapture. And I think he assumes that the Antichrist's Reign will come first.

If this is the 1000 year reign I expect people will be beating their swords into ploughshares under Christ's Reign. And ultra-long lives that still feature human death soon enough.

There is a lot of promises that haven't been fulfilled that I think even the Anti-Christ cannot fulfill. Which is why I am a Pre-Millennial in terms of the end times.


Can you share the context for that? I'm not aware of that prophesy.

Isaiah 65:20-22
20No longer will a nursing infant live but a few days,

or an old man fail to live out his years.

For the youth will die at a hundred years,

and he who fails to reach a hundred

will be considered accursed.

21They will build houses and dwell in them;

they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit.

22No longer will they build houses for others to inhabit,

nor plant for others to eat.

For as is the lifetime of a tree,

so will be the days of My people,

and My chosen ones will fully enjoy

the work of their hands.



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Heck no if women weren't allowed to vote we wouldn't have had the likes of FDR, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama and JFK.
Plenty of men are also to blame for these gentlemen being elected. Also, many here love Trump and he was better than Hilary Clinton would have been but was he really that great? Did he really make efforts to stop the American globohomo agenda? I never heard him make serious efforts to end the Patriot Act, close down foreign bases, end govt. recognition of homosexual marriage in the USA, etc... George W. Bush also was not a great leader for many reasons.

Women may vote worse than men overall, but have American men really done a great job in selecting leaders if only looking at the male votes? Nearly half of men that voted in 2020 chose Biden and this is after knowing how bad the democrat party is. The difference between females and males supporting Biden is not as large as expected.

If women were banned from the military, it might make sense to ban them from voting. The military ban would need to come first and women already serving would have to be grandfathered in (it would be unfair to kick women out that are already serving). However, only allowing men to vote would not guarantee decent leaders would be chosen. I guess this leads into the idea of which men should be allowed to vote (I guess that would be a different thread).



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Brother, everyone here knows the 2020 results are extremely suspect and are not representative of much.
What we do know is that...

Women are 54% of registered voters and vote Democrats around 53% to GOP 47%.
The DNC runs the House and Senate.
Hillary did beat Trump in the popular vote.
Demographic changes means both parties are running to the left to appease them. Including Trump offering 1/2 a trillion to Blacks and 1/2 a trillion to Hispanics, for simply existing, while telling Whites and Asians "tough luck, keep being discriminated against".

The future of this country is pushing to the left and now they are picking up the pace.

It should be tribal elders aka men who have skin in the game (serve in the military and/or are net tax payers).


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I think darknavigator has a point though. The married men I work with all got the vaxxx. The one literally said it was because his wife kept nagging him. The other's got it so they could keep up a stand of living and not be an outcast. These men are plugged into the system with too much to lose. I used to envy these men as I have longed to find a girl and be married, but with the way things are going I think the Lord is simply telling me "don't worry about marriage right now, get yourself right with Me for the tribulations that lie ahead."


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Seeing the result of the recent vote in Switzerland (allegedly 60% voted for vaccine pass mandate) I came to the conclusion that only noble people should have the right to influence public policy. Who are noble people? Those who believe in God those who are brave and those who see through the lies. It would be a good start if only unvaxed anti-masker men would have a right to vote.

Just imagine how much we could achieve that way!