Simple every day actions we can take to create change


Take action, be proactive, do something. At first, a newly red pilled person will want to b*tch about conditions. This is normal and this is welcomed insofar as it continues to facilitate the red pilling process. Its good to get things off your chest and we all still do it, so, this never goes away. I'd say this process described much of our community over the last decade. But, as a long timed based and red pilled person I've moved past b*tching and look to action. There's always hope and communities like RVF are one of thousands that exists online today where people can share their ideas and come up with various action plans. Now, I'm not naïve, the left controls the media, art, education, corporations and politics, but, was this not the case 50-60 years ago? America was a whole lot more conservative back then and the left was like the conservatives are today. If the left can reverse conditions, so can we. Here's a couple of ideas that I think are good actions steps all of us can do right here and now - 1. Red pill and 2. Critique. Yes, they're a bit abstract, but, so what. You don't think the ideas that say Gramsci or deridah or Marcuse pushed weren't abstract?

Red Pilling​

There are some compelling features to the red pill that are advantageous to us. First, once a person is red pilled there is no going back. This is why the metaphor of the metaphor from "The Matrix" is so spot on, because, like Neo, once you're unplugged you're unplugged for good. This works in our favor because it engenders a condition where mathematics takes over. That leads me to feature #2, which is there is now a continual red pilling process occurring across our civilization. Every moment another person becomes red pilled. And this condition will remain a constant so long as the left remains in power because it is the left that drives people to be red pilled.

Consider males today. Because of feminism and, therefore, the left, males are increasingly desperate. Males will wonder why they're desperate and once this question is asked even internally to oneself, the red pill seed has been planted. Because, invariably the subject will conclude that they're desperate because, among many other things, women get special treatment at their expense. Based and red pilled. Of course, than you have incidents like grotesque homosexuals openly stating things like "your daughters are kinky", which a cross dresser recently said regarding the debate about letting grown men into female bathrooms...this red pills people too. And so there's a continual red pilling process and that leads me back to mathematics.

Its well understood that a small minority is all that's needed to evoke significant change. My numbers may be off a little, but, 5-12% of the population is all that's needed to sway the direction of an entire civilization. Since with each passing moment more people are red pilled and because once you're red pilled you can't go back this effect is cumulative and the count towards 5-12% of the population is already well under way. Heck, I'd argue that we're at least 5% and if 50% of the population voted for Trump, we could be far greater than we think.

So what can we do? We can effect the rate of red pilling, so, that if, for instance, we're still on our way to the inflection point we can do our small part to increase the rate of red pilling by red pilling. If all of us red pilled a close confidential friend of family member, boom, we just increased our #s by 2x. There's no riots, no mass demonstrations, no faculty sit-ins, no protests...just an honest conversation, ultimately, about the truth. Its kind of like evangelizing. Plus, every one of us can do it.


Thanks to my Catholic school education (college) and my surprisingly based (relatively speaking) K-12 education at a public school, I know that this whole sjw/socialist/communist thing we're enduring right now, started with a critique. That's right. All of the writers, activists and founders of this sjw silliness all started off by critiquing the west.

This strain started in earnest with Marx. A more recent example is the post WW1 critique started by the usual social misfits where they accused the entire western edifice as the ultimate cause of the horrors of WW1. This "critique" continues on to today, because it is the critique that these cretins use to thrust their stupid ideas into the mainstream. Basically, Marcuse and his ilk b*tched about the West over and over and over again. No system is perfectly perfect, certainly not in this fallen world of ours, and so, any system even a relatively high functioning one like our previous capitalistic, merit-based, if you will, Phalogocentric model, is open to criticism.

The point is it works. It works to consistently question and critique and point out various flaws. It sort of seems like if you do it enough it will happen as a matter of course, and I think it kind of did in our case. This is significant to us because, as I mentioned before, its a naturally part of the red pilling process to find forums like ours and unleash your angst, i.e. b&tch. In as much as wanton b*tching helps the psyche nonetheless, there has to be structure and symmetry to our critiques. But I think we're there already. They had their Marcuse's, Dieridah's, Fouchou's etc, we have our Clarey's, Aruni's, Roosh's, Peterson's, Saad's, Chafin's, Jone's, Carlson's etc. There is a cannon of red pill wisdom that exists out there in the ether right now and its growing with each day.

Most important of all is that this leftist "system" is very easy to find fault and to, therefore, critique. At the highest resolution, consider that we literally have reality on our side here. And its very hard, in fact, its impossible to argue against reality. What I recommend is that we adopt the same course as our enemies did decades ago and commit to a continuous critique of the sjw system we're under right now. If Marcuse and Fouchou were able to promote their gibberish ideas so much so that they literally took over, than, how can it be impossible for our ideas via honest critiques that cite reality from becoming dominant once again. Like with all things, as ridiculous as the left is, we still need action here. But, we're already taking this action. Roosh's publication of "American Pilgrim", I just bought it, is another new addition to the collective red pilled cannon.

In short, our mission is to criticize and that's not too difficult to do. It wasn't 60-70 years ago when comparatively there wasn't much to criticize and those that did made it up or embellished. We have no need to make anything up or embellish anything, all we need to do is to tell the truth and criticize. When "they" stole the election, I remarked that in a strange way we won. Because it proved that the leftist agenda cannot be fulfilled with out resorting to open oppression and tyranny. Because if the left results in oppression and tyranny than they are the cause of oppression and tyranny. It is leftist's policies that have taken away our truly human rights, such as speech, association and even consciousness. Once more the most reprehensible and coddled leftists aggrieved groups are the ones insisting these rights be abolished, therefore, they are the source and cause of present day oppression. And even better, was it not the stated goal of leftism to eradicate discrimination, racism, hate? Yet, all I've seen from the left is the creation of things like discrimination, racism and hate. The left is the very thing the left wants to destroy. Its our job to point this out.

So, there you have it. Simple everyday actions all of us can do 1. Red Pill people 2. Critique.