Single women in their 30s/40s

Blade Runner

Now I am pondering, if we want to reflect on what is ideal for a man : wouldn't it be ideal to find a supportive wife in your early 20s so you can go through these formative years with someone you love?
And here you stumble upon what is really going on: the culture tells women to forget about marriage in their 20s. We've discussed the rest of the details so many times, it's getting nauseating.

Another way of saying it: I can give a woman absolutely everything she wants. But she doesn't want to give me, on average, anything that I want, because there is no honest discussion anymore about what a man wants and what he would actually commit to. It's just, oh, yeah, bail out that girl though she had fun for a decade. Oh, ok, great deal after all the hard work I put into life and my career. Yeah, no. Thanks for the laugh though.