Snow White didn't consent!


The latest piece of PC lunacy; a feminist/SJW type has criticized the prince's kissing of Snow White in the Disney movie, as it was non-consensual:

I'm surprised that "Snow White and the Huntsman" didn't come in for some flak as well, what with the strong independent woman of a queen being defeated by the efforts of the heterosexual, white, working class men led by Chris Hemsworth's huntsman.


This thing smells to me of AstroTurf outrage. Not sure why. It’s a gut feeling.

Indeed. Richard Wagner once wrote about this phenomenon: i.e. arguing over fake topics for the purpose of distraction:

“To our astonishment, we perceive that in our Liberal battles we have been floating in the air and fighting clouds, whereas the whole fair soil of material reality has found an appropriator [the Jews] whom our aerial flights have very much amused, no doubt, yet who holds us far too foolish to reward us by relaxing one iota of his usurpation of that material soil.”