So what's your game plan for the coming chaos


Oh men, wasn't looking for apocalyptic scenaries but if this is what we have, all this is fkn depraved.

The exact same thing came to mind about the Amish. I don't know if elites could get their plan all over the world, taking in consideration that there are many places in this world simply forgotten. Moreover, what could stop governments from not making the vaccine mandatory if they wanted to?

Is there really any hope for people that want to grow a traditional family, even if it takes living like some centuries ago? This year my plan to migrate to Germany is very close to concrete (I am from Peru) and now it seems to be now one of the countries with the most sick corona-laws in Europe. My mind is blank.


What if order is maintained, but we're facing strict top down governmental control and hidden agendas. In that case your enemy would most likely be military men in uniform and members of the UN. No way you will be able to resist that even with organised
Buy chemicals, and lots of them. Learn how to create biodiesel from cooking grease waste

I've been stocking up on ammo, water treatment supplies, fishing lures and been buying printed books of naturally occurring edible foods in my area and food you can grow outside in untilled land areas. The (((Bolsheviks))) shot the German transplant farmers that even looked like they tried to hide grain to eat. ... So best to learn about the wildlife and food that's not so commonly eaten
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