Social distancing in gyms


Gyms in Germany have been open for a few weeks by now, without any of the plastic walls or whatever. I do not see having a cleaner gym a downside. Now everyone have to wipe the used equipment, and I am fine with that.
My gym just decided to say that masks are required through the end of the month even though they have not required them since they reopened. I frankly can't believe the clown world we live in where it isn't obvious to everyone that people are praising and encouraging a communist revolution and a race war against whites, while at the same time saying you need to wear a mask to the gym and observe all these ridiculous restrictions etc. etc.

Good thing I have a home gym, I'll be saving $30 a month now.

I think this is further setting the precedent of basically if you don't agree with and further our satanic/humanist/NWO positions or if you are not a cuck or collaborator for those positions then you will removed from society, you cannot speak, you cannot use the gym, you cannot have a job, you cannot have a family, you cannot receive an income from banking services, you cannot have a credit card, etc. etc. The human credit score system in China will soon be coming here.


You have to wonder about the financial pressures on gyms from Corona. They will need to walk a fine line to stay open.

No social distance measures -> government shuts you down.
Not enough social distancing -> normies won't go because its not safe
Too much social distancing -> people don't go because they don't want to wear a mask

I'm a member of goodlife in Canada. It's a huge chain. I assume when they re-open they will want to start taking their payments again. I'll go once and check it out, but I'm expecting it to be overdone with social distancing and I'll drop out. Ideally they do a "make an appointment" approach that I can manage. I'll just go the same time everyday if that occurs.

But they could lose half their membership. Might be part of the psy-op to make us all fat too.
It's physical distancing. Not social distancing. It's impossible to socially distance at a nightclub, unless you just refuse to make eye contact with anyone. Going to a nightclub is a social activity first and foremost. Let's stop using their Orwellian vocabulary.

I refuse to go anywhere that is adopting physical distancing protocols, other than weekly grocery store visits, because I come away from such outings even more stressed and less relaxed than when I went in. The act of allowing someone to replicate the actions of a normal social behavior, but then limiting it so he cannot actually connect with others is a form of psychological torture.

Go out for a meal, to enjoy pleasant table service, but instead you are served by a faceless anonymous humanoid? No thanks.
Go to a a church service where no one can share the love of the Gospel with each other, but instead look ahead in fear through holes in a mask? Never. Meet up with others but be unable to give them a handshake or hug? Not going to happen. America was socially isolated already before this pandemic. I refuse to make it any worse.
I completely agree. Here in Ontario, where I am, the local media is making HUGE news out of the fact that we are now in "Stage 2" of our re-opening plan. This means we can now have gatherings of up to TEN PEOPLE (wow - thanks!) and bars/restaurants with patios are now allowed to open. I can just imagine how much "fun" it is to go out to these places now. My guess is, you basically have to go with a group of people and stay with them, so the days of "socializing" and meeting up with people you haven't seen is probably done. I bet there are also limits to how long you can stay, how many times you can use the bathrooms, etc. There will be ridiculous rules for everything and everyone will be hyper-sensitive. It will definitely not be a carefree, relaxing time to socialize like it used to be.

The whole idea of "physical distancing" is basically to attack the core of what makes us human beings and I also refuse to support it. The other day, I went to a store and they wanted me to wear a facemask. I simply said, "I'm not putting that on", turned around and walked out. I also had a post office employee attempt to make me social distance from her while she was on my property. I told her we don't social distance on this property and refused to comply. I will continue to refuse to comply with as much as I can, as long as I can.

I think a lot of normies are going to try and go out to do the simple things they used to take for granted during this summer lull, find out it REALLY sucks now and possibly start to realize all that we've given up over the last three months in the interest of "staying safe."
They're going to reopen basketball, but with special lanes designated by arrows, and strict NBA-style no-defense defense. Players must also stop to sanitize the ball after every pass.

Seriously though: back in May when the weather was starting to improve over here, I tried to play tennis at a local park. We had three cops barge into the court shortly after we started. Jogging and cycling were allowed, so we argued that we should also be allowed to play singles tennis as we were social distancing and always at least 2m apart. They argued that you were touching the same ball, but my friend and I had each brought sets of different color balls, orange and yellow, and we would only be touching and serving our own set of balls. The two guy cops were about to let us slide, but the third one, a butchy Karen, said that there was a chance we would be hit by a ball during play, which means that we would definitely be killing grandma tomorrow by playing tennis today. She had the last word, and told us to bug off, adding that we were lucky to slide without a $1000 ticket...
You should have anticipated the curve and told them you were protesting white supremacy. Apparently, that gives you immunity to the virus.
Everyone should do a couple years of heavy lifting imo, but I'm not sure it really helps that much after that. You also spend so much time trying to gain an extra inch or your bicep for 2.5% extra Tinder success.

What if you spent that time boxing, rowing, sailing, hiking, rock climbing? I bet you'd be more interesting and have a better Tinder profile and your physique would still be impressive (provided those couple years of heavy lifting).

I'm considering Crossfit myself, because the founder made fun of BLM. Might be a self selecting patriot group lol.

The $1000 a day fines didnt work they finally shut the electricity and water to this defiant gym owners building.
Funny they haven't thought to do that to the "CHAZ"...


No social distance measures -> government shuts you down.
Not enough social distancing -> normies won't go because its not safe
Too much social distancing -> people don't go because they don't want to wear a mask

It largely depends on the area you are in, how urgently the new normal laws are enforced and how many believers there are. There are areas where 10 to 20% of the population wear masks even if they are mandatory. In such places usually the cops don´t lift a finger and those gyms only slightly look that it´s not too crowded which it won´t be, becuase those people afraid of infection simply don´t go. The only thing you might be concerned about are Karens and occasional denunciators.

I am at a gym where only men walk into - men who sweat a lot and most of them are twice or 4 times as big as me. In that place no one gives a shit about a mask or a virus. It´s completely ignored and if you put one on, then you will be the weird guy. Most of the guys think it´s either a hoax or overblown, so no one gives a shit. And no Karens ever enter there - sometimes you see a guy bringing his girl along for a session.

Though many gyms will be bankrupted by this - if you enforce it strictly, then the ones not believing in the hysteria won´t go, if your clientele consists out of Karens, then a good portion won´t come either due to being afraid. Either way - I expect most independent ones in the stricter areas to close down and the international chains to take over all business. The independents will survive in the non-hysterical areas - includes both local gov response as well as clientele.


Absolutely no need to hit the gym.

Another waste of time.

Between riding a bike, kettlebells, bodyweight exercise, boxing, rowing, hiking, there is no need for the gym.
I was just wondering - that asian dude is in some rat-maze gym in Redondo Beach, CA.
Why put up with all the numerous negatives of living in CA if you can't even go outside to exercise in the supposedly great weather?