Society Is Losing It's Connection With Objective Reality


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Good topic. I do wonder from time to time when we're going to start seeing bridges collapsing because some woke engineer said "1+1 = 2 is patriarchal. Let's change it up!".
Been there and done that... "Muh female empowered bridge"
I found this comment to an article about the Chauvin verdict, on a Nrx blog. Though not about objective reality per se it talks about how people arrive at a set of facts that they are going to believe. And the effect the COVID surprisingly has had.

"I spent many, many hours this past year trying to read up on, and sort out, the claims and arguments back and forth over this stuff. Some of it was in response to an impassioned email by a local white mother raising 2 adopted black children (with white children), impassioned in calling for some sort of intelligent stance or response among her (mostly) conservative peers around her to the issues being talked about by BLM. Some of it relating to other incidents with other people I know. Ultimately I have come to feel that the semantic divide that has been created by the propaganda machines have made it so that there is, for practical purposes, no plausible hope that discussion will move people (well, adults) toward agreement on these issues. I hope that I am actually wrong about that, but I have seen no evidence yet that I am wrong. Worse yet, it is now becoming clear that the COVID crisis has caused a further movement of divide, in two ways: people who might have been, before, more or less "on the fence" about some racial (or other types of) discrimination have dropped off the fence, and people who had a particular position off the fence but were open to new evidence and reasoned argument have hardened in their position and have stopped looking for new evidence or argument - even though COVID itself (and government responses to it) had fairly limited intersection with the lines of debate over race, sexual orientation, and gender identity discrimination questions. There seems to have been a psychological cusp point in the COVID crisis that, without any new evidence or argument providing a reasoned basis, caused people to RESOLVE on racial and other matters in a more determinate way. Without there being a pathway by which these differences can be worked out using words, the probable pathway left is, unfortunately, that of violence. Because violence is, specifically, a known and desired tool of marxists, I cannot help but suspect that was the objective all along of these propaganda machines, to MAKE discussion useless.
Posted by Tony | April 18, 2021 6:41 PM"
The new paradigm:
Objective reality is an oppressive concept.
Reality is subjective, relative and fluid.
Welcome to clown world.
Funny that these people will say there is no objective reality, which is an objective statement by itself. There are so many layers of dissonance in this reasoning. How can they talk about things like morality and fairness at all, about being a good person. They have no foundation to stand on. They stand on pride and hence they will fall, let us hope God gives them the insight to repent and acknowledge they were wrong, but often these people are so invested in the lie that it's near impossible to see the truth, but with God everything is possible.