Some good news: Hungary sees abortion numbers plunge with rise of pro-family policies


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Heuristics said:
... At the end of the day, Brussels wins yet again.

What you forget, Hungary will exist even when EU (as in European Union) will be a long forgotten history.

Hungarians survived:

-Tatar hordes (I have visited a castle few weeks ago, it was built 750 years ago, after the Tatar hordes as one of the many Fortresses to guard us)

-150 years of Ottoman "rule", where countless millions of hungarians were killed, sold to slaves, raped etc... more than 6 million, if you know what I mean....

-loosing 2/3 of it territories after ww1, the world's most disgusting decision, approved by the West (we did not forget, and never will what has been done to us by the west), search Hungary Trianon if you see something horrible.

-Getting thrown to the USSR after ww2 and economically destroyed.

After all these EU and Brussel is just a bunch of beginner morons. The EU will not exist 15 years from now. New friends and unions are getting formed as we speak if you watch closely.


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Ironically, the Huns rolled into Europe from greater Mongolia and wiped out the native population of present-day Hungary. Eventually they became Christian Europeans who speak a weird northern/central Asian language.


A lot of these pro-family policies are also pushed by Marxists who want to destroy the family. So, Hungary is just going to be a right-wing socialist state with a slavish and servile citizenry depending on the government for everything.


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puckerman said:
A lot of these pro-family policies are also pushed by Marxists who want to destroy the family. So, Hungary is just going to be a right-wing socialist state with a slavish and servile citizenry depending on the government for everything.

Can you please name these Hungarian politicians and their Marxist influences? Would love to look into this further, if indeed it is just another Marxist plot, it's a new one that's going in the opposite direction of all their current agenda.

What is the greater strategy for globalists to go pro-family and anti-immigration (both pro-white)? How will this reward them with greater control over Hungary? A Right-wing socialist state? What good would that be to globalist interests? Hungary's taxes are going towards growing and spring their native population, not into the hands of the EU.


The average number of children for every woman should be 1.7-1.8 to have a fertility rate of about 1.5 in order to have a sustainable and more balanced decrease of population. One possible way to achieve that figure is to select about 10% of couples for every generation and offer them to be breeders and to have at least 5-6 kids with the help of the community. Those couples should be selected according to strict physical and mental requirements and every area should not exceed a fixed quota in order to avoid the destabilizing effect of internal migrations


Number of marriages in Hungary at highest level in 35 years

In Hungary, young families are strongly encouraged by Christian conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. This is making itself felt: The number of marriages is higher than it has been since 1986.

Opposite development to the rest of the EU

While the whole of Europe is struggling with childlessness and the West in particular with divorces and "single life models," there is very different news in Hungary. In 2020, for example, a total of 67,000 marriages took place, or about seven per 1,000 inhabitants. Both in absolute numbers and as a proportion of the total population, this is the highest number since 1986, and it has been rising for years under Orbán.

Fewer divorces and an end to the drop in births

Meanwhile, the number of divorces is falling. At 14,000 cases (about 1.5 per 1,000 inhabitants), it has reached a historic low, last fallen below in 1958. In Austria, the absolute number is almost the same, but with significantly fewer marriages, it is more significant. The important number of births in Hungary also seems to be at least stabilizing. While the number of births fell rapidly between 1990 and 2000, it has held steady since 2000 at around nine babies per 1,000 inhabitants per year.

Comprehensive family-friendly policy

Prime Minister Orbán provides comprehensive support for young families. This includes, for example, an interest-free loan of 30,000 euros, which is completely waived for three or more children, and a lifelong exemption from income tax for women who have at least four children. Declining birth rates in Europe are a central cause of aging. Orbán declared it one of the most important political goals to counteract this.


Perhaps if the entire Eastern and Central Europe consolidated into a new Commonwealth or something then they would have enough power to stand on their own.
This is what the governments of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Chech Republic seem to be secretly mulling. The cooperation between their governments is constantl intensified and - at least in Hungarian news - they have given that a name: V4 (derived from the city of Vishegrad).


Orbán implemented a very strict regiment of restrictions with compulsory vaccinations for certain professional groups (for example paramedics) being discussed in Parliament. It is especially the right wing opposition to Orbán (Mi Hazánk, Jobbik) who organise protests against compulsory vaccination.