Sons of the Crooked: Hunter Biden's colorful and profitable (alleged) crimes

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Unsurprisingly, everything we wrote here last year about Hunter - and his corrupt "big guy daddy" - turned out to be true, and proven facts.

I mean, look at what was found in Hunter's laptop : pics of him smoking crackpipes, and charts explaining the repartition of dirty money between himself, his accomplices, and his father Joe.

Because, seriously, the "big guy" referred to in Hunter's corruption-related emails, can only be Sleepy Joe, I mean, who else?
No other "big guy" in Hunter's (coke-head) life, could justify giving him one dollar, let alone one hundred million dollars...

So, well, Hunter and his partner-in-crime father, are indeed guilty of everything we described. Plus, Hunter is so stupid and lazy that he forgot his laptop at a repair shop, a laptop full of incriminating emails and pics. It'd be funny if it weren't so sad, or the other way round.


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Kicking this thread back up. Hunter's back in the news because of his new book, "Beautiful Things: A Memoir". :rolleyes: