Soulmates and the idea thereof...In Christianity?


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Not to mention.
A cynic can dismiss human 'love' as just a brain chemical reaction...

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Since it took me so long to find a wife, I am curious about this, and personally would tell anyone, there are no soulmates. As much as I love my wife, I have not called her that, and I have a lot of pet names for her, terms of endearment.

I just tell myself that while many women could be perfectly acceptable to marry, they might decide for whatever reason to marry someone else. I mean, it is their choice and it may be that some women have thought that I should have married them or been more receptive to the idea. Since there is no sense in the Bible of their being only one soulmate we must search for, I would think there is no soulmate per se. Since God allows for remarriage after death, and in some cases divorce, are we to believe the first one, or maybe the second one was the soulmate so the other one wasn't. Would there be two soulmates for this person who remarried?

The Bible tells us to marry and avoid fornication, which would require marrying sooner than later. Does this mean we would be missing out on our soulmate by not waiting another five years or more?

Maybe a man or woman could screw up a good marriage with presumably their soulmate, is this possible? Does a soulmate mean they will always stay married?

I think a man could go crazy if he were to keep asking himself if his soulmate is out there and get real picky. The marriage is going to take work, sacrifice, forgiveness, unselfishness, and well, it will be challenging, soul mate or not, at least IMO.

I have said that if hadn't married a woman in the Philippines then I would still be single. Does that mean the woman I married is my long lost and waited for soulmate? I hesitate to say so. Opportunity met desire, and we go married. I think for me it was a matter of not giving up the search, rather than I finally found my soulmate.

A lot of consternation will result if we have the idea there is only the one soulmate out there for us.