Southern Baptist president calls for members to declare: ‘Black lives matter’


The leader of the largest Protestant Christian denomination in the country shocked many when he urged his members to declare "black lives matter" and denounced using "all lives matter."

This is getting a bit creepy.


How can a Christian be against the phrase "All Lives Matter"? If these people are willing to cuck to social pressure, how many of these Christian leaders can we trust in a worse crisis? How many would be willing to become martyrs for Christ? On a more positive note, I'm reminded of something Roosh recently said along the lines of: God doesn't need us, we need God. He will be just fine without us.

So a few bad leaders isn't the end for us.
The SBC caved in to BLM ideology about three years ago when at the request of certain black pastors they started removing certain "alleged" white supremacy churches from their association.

With that said, I can only go by my own experience on the SBC. When I was growing up I was always told they were all going to hell, but then, everyone was going to hell who didn't belong to my church. Funny, I always said that Twisted Sister's song "Burn in Hell" was the IFB theme song. Anyways, I've only been to a couple of Southern Baptist churches, the last one being my ex mother in laws church. What a show! It was the same thing every Sunday. It starts out with a mini concert with the music leader a fat, balding man trying to be hip banging on a guitar with his band behind him, kicking up his feet like he is Pete Townshend or something. On one side would be a group of little teeny bopper girls dressed provocatively gyrating around, I could only stare at the floor the whole time to keep from sinnning in the Lord's house. This would go on for a good while. Then the preacher would come out on stage, walking out like he was in a commercial. He would start in on how great it is, open his Bible, read a verse, say something positive and then, slicker than snot, he would go into a sales pitch, all the while on all the walls would be projected verses concerning giving and so on. This was the main thing, money. They even had their own store in the church where they sold "Christian" stuff and books. Gee Whiz, I could barely stomach it.

When I first met that wife, who is now an ex, she dragged me off to another SBC church with the intention of seeing how I would act. I sat through the service and afterwards went home and played with my dog. She was upset, what is wrong with you she says? Huh? What do you mean? You act as if you have no soul, no heart. All the men I have ever taken to church always broke down and crawled up to the altar begging forgiveness and giving their lives to Christ. I busted out laughing, seriously, this pathetic attempt at being church phased me not one bit. You see, I was born and raised in a hardcore, hellfire and brimstone Independent Fundamental Baptist church. You gotta do much better than that if you want me to break down.
I heard the SBC president also says he will refer to people by their preferred pronouns instead of their biological sex. He called it a "spirit of generosity." The SBC also seems to be supporting women preachers like Beth Moore.

Damn! Now that really surprises me... They are sure not the old SBC that I remember! How could that happen?


Southern Baptist Convention: we can't put the needs of native-born citizens ahead of immigrants

RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Dallas, Texas, June 12–13, 2018, affirm the value and dignity of immigrants, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, culture, national origin, or legal status; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we desire to see immigration reform include an emphasis on securing our borders and providing a pathway to legal status with appropriate restitutionary measures, maintaining the priority of family unity, resulting in an efficient immigration system that honors the value and dignity of those seeking a better life for themselves and their families; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we declare that any form of nativism, mistreatment, or exploitation is inconsistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ; and be it further...

nativism (dictionary): the policy of protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants.


Wow. I thought the Southern Baptists were based. I was drawn to alot of Southern Baptist "Firebrand" preaching back in the day. I give them alot of credit for knowing their Bible and preaching it well.

It seems the BLM zeitgeist is very powerful. It is consuming everything in its path.
That's wild. Not that long ago the SBC was the Republican Party at prayer. And if you back up to their foundations... well, it's hardly a church you'd expect to end up promoting BLM. :squintlol:

It seems no demonination will be immune to SJW infiltration. I wouldn't be surprised if some congregations end up leaving the convention over this.


JD Greear has all the markings of a change agent in the SBC, as are people like Russell Moore. Even Al Mohler has become a concern, as its under his watch that the seminaries have gotten markedly worse in the past 10 years. Mohler brought Russell Moore into leadership. Mohler was actually on the other side during the conservative resurgence in the 1980s that rescued the SBC from "moderates." As I believe was Mike Huckabee. Mohler repented of this but now I don't know. He seems to want to play both sides while things go south.

As noted earlier, the church has been beset by "woke" intersectional stuff for a couple of years now and "moderates" control the leadership. Feminists like Beth Moore have been at work as well, using a few alleged sexual abuse scandals (some alleged) to push egalitarian heresy.

The one good thing for the denomination is that ecclesiastically it is congregational and locally driven. I heard that some churches were starting to leave it over the woke/intersectional garbage. There are some guys like Tom Buck, Founders Ministries, and other grassroots people who are pushing back. There were some documentaries that were in progress as well like Enemies Within the Church but I don't know when it is coming out.
that it is done. Complete cuckoldry is inevitable and the real men will leave. That is one of the many reasons why Protestant Christianity is considered to be a
It all begins with supporting feminism. Once your church does that it is done. Complete cuckoldry is inevitable and the real men will leave. That is one of the many reasons why Protestant Christianity is considered to be a woman's religion.

I would say Protestantism is a man's religion, because you aren't expected to kiss the hand of your male pastor, and you aren't expected to pray to a woman..
What the SBC is doing now is their attempt to "make up" for their past.

They're pushing racial diversity in the denomination as if it is a goal to aspire to. Preaching is increasingly watered down (building a sermon from one verse alone and out of context, constantly referencing office/marital relationships, and overrun by cliches), sermons are shortened to 15 mins or so in many churches, and there is very little desire for evangelism. The gospel is not preached much at all anymore. I long for the days when the gospel is preached each week as part of the sermon. In the heartland of the SBC (where I live), it has come to be expected that everyone you come in contact with is a Christian anyway and there is therefore no point in evangelism.

Many churches are much more concerned with funding stadium seating, concert lighting, and new buildings for the church campus than they are in putting money toward the propagation of the gospel. There is still an almost condescending attitude from the older generations toward blacks as if black friends are like friendly servants and as if black children are cute pet monkeys, while the younger generation sees them as evidence of change and an argument in their favor in their efforts to appear woke enough for modern society.

In many areas of the Deep South, there is an almost constant attempt for young whites to distance themselves from "those whites" and to conform themselves to the image of the coastal pop elites. However, not all is lost on this front. There are many unapologetic hard working patriotic Christians in every generation here and, to a degree, a large portion of society takes great pleasure on being derided as backwards by the rest of the country: "If this is backwards, I'm proud to be backwards."
The one good thing for the denomination is that ecclesiastically it is congregational and locally driven.
Yes, hardly anyone (generally only ministers) pays attention to the ecclesiastical politics of the SBC because the Convention itself has so little power over the individual churches. This stands in sharp contrast to Roman Catholic ecclesiastical politics, where the clerical hierarchy is very pronounced and the decisions made in Rome reverberate all the way down to the local parish. Also, Baptists don't generally identify as Baptist but as Christian. This goes to show just how little they care about denomination. Even if the SBC made a sweeping pronouncement, nobody would hear about it, much less care.