Spanking Children as a form of discipline


This is honestly one of the reasons I don't oppose spanking (within reason). It's like veganism - this kind of conversation never gets settled, never goes away, because there's always some nuts that's going to take the extreme position that you're the epitome of evil for doing whatever you do, when that's honestly always been done by humans for thousands of years.

You're the epitome of evil for eating meat...
You're the epitome of evil for harvesting crops using machines that kill little baby bunnies...
You're the epitome of evil for eating food that little baby bunnies would have eaten if it wasn't for you being such a filthy hungry and greedy human.

And people treat them seriously, like people worthy of debating. It's all so tiresome.

Now you're telling me that there are people saying that time-outs are evil? Next thing you know, those "time-ins" are going to be considered evil because it's forcing the violence of speech on poor little children.
That's so true! I can't stand the excessive rationalization of simple things. It's draining!


I believe there's nothing wrong with a non-harsh spank on the bottom when their at a young age when they're in the wrong or misbehaving, then coming to them to explain what they did wrong and an apology of their behaviour is fine. When they're above the age of 6, I feel talking to the child to tell them off and re-instating healthy punishments they'd understand such as time-outs or having their toys confiscated is an effective treatment to training children to behave.


Discipline is a much broader concept, within an even broader one; training.
Spanking can either be used to build or destroy a child.
If children are being trained well, they will need the least amount of spanking necessary. Just the tone of a parent's voice should be enough to instill a reverend fear. God is the one that a child offends when he/she dishonours his/her parent/s. And if this premise is not ingrained early, then the parents find they will have to rely on spanking too much.