Spiritual dimensions of the war and signs of God's hand

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Giordano Bruno

I am deeply concerned about the future--I feel that I am able to recognize evil readily because I was raised in a Christian family in normal times. If a child is taught his whole life that he is inherently bad for being white, anal sex is beautiful, God is dead, theft should not be punished because theives are just "differently abled shoppers" and gender is fluid, then how easy it will be to con the next generation. There is universal truth through God, but if the entire society lies about the world to children for years, it will take a miracle for them to see the truth, or recognize evil.
Sorry for the late reply, but I would just like to say that if it is a miracle that will be necessary to save their souls... then we are fortunate are we not that God is both gracious and merciful.

Pray for them brother.