Starting to date a flirtatious girl, how to deal with guys

ok so this girl likes dancing and shakes her ass at other guys and invites them to dance with us.
once they get grabby she says she doesn't like it and I end up having to stiff-arm them away.
i can anticipate this awkwardness each time we go out.
If we'd had the conversation about being in a committed relationship I'd drop the hammer and tell her the behavior is unacceptable.
I don't want to be the one to initiate the conversation since that puts her in the drivers seat.
if anyone's successfully dealt with this type of female, pls share any tips are appreciated.
Start flirting with other girls, then dump her when she's at a high point, if she's into you this will make her crash and burn, if not, then at least you won't be fiddled like a fool. Otherwise:


Rob Banks

Apparently OP is gone from the forum, but this is kind of a ridiculous thread.

Obviously a girl flirting openly with other men is unacceptable (as is drug abuse, domestic violence, prostitution, etc).

If a girl is doing this before you marry her, it is a huge red flag.

Then again, I am assuming that when OP says he is "dating" this girl, he means he is either fornicating with her or hoping to fornicate. This is just as much a red flag on him (not that this girl is thinking like that, but she should).

Like I said, this is basically a ridiculous thread; offering advice on how to "deal" with this type of behavior instead of just declaring it unacceptable.

Australia Sucks

The O.P. is from the United States where we all know that the majority of men have so few options that thirst causes them to tolerate such a level of abuse from women. I live in Australia and it is the same situation here. I notice when I have spent time in a country such as Colombia where I have far more options of quality women my tolerance of bad behavior from women rapidly dwindled.

When living in a cucked western country most think "well assuming if I can even get another girl she is probably going to be just as bad so I might as well keep the one I have." I think we have all had this line of thinking at some point in our lives.

Long-term the only way to navigate this problem is to live in a country with a reasonable percentage/number of quality women.


I actually prefer not to have these confrontations because one of these times things are going to escalate.
However I brought her to the dance, literally, and hence like to leave with her and that's how I see my role.
If she drinks heavily that could be the problem. Be a man and tell her that bring girls into dance is ok but no dudes! Sometimes girls just need to know your boundaries and if the cross them afterwards that could be narcissism. And if you allow it that could mean you have codependency or you are a people pleaser because of past formative relationships.