State Threads

I'm sure someone has had this idea before but I can't find it. I would like to have a thread for each state and perhaps eventually each country, so that forum members living in each state or country can comment and see if there is anyone else in their state who wants to meetup or has similar interests, etc.

Obviously there is the issue of privacy, so perhaps if you choose you would only mention your city and then you could arrange a meetup with someone at a public location in that city and exchange personal contact info at said meetup.

The more "woke" I become, the less I relate to my normie friends and thus the less friends I have. It is unfortunate but underscores just how valuable a friendship with another person who is woke would be, especially if we had similar interests.

We could have a template to follow for an initial post on your state/country thread such as for a Texas thread mine would look like:
City/Area- Houston
Religion (optional)- Orthodox Christian (Antiochan)
Age (optional)- 21
Interests- theology and philosophy, the red pill/manoshphere/gender dynamics and interactions, guns and shooting, riding motorcycles, weightlifting, emergency/critical care medicine

I understand if people have objections to this idea but at the same time, I don't see why I need to live my life either by myself or with a bunch of loser normies when I could have a group of close friends who actually support each other and have like interests, goals, and perspectives.


I'm planning on bringing the meetup forum back in about a month. The problem with your idea is that users are not spread out in all 50 states for example... they're mostly concentrated in cities. So we would only need to create threads on demand.


thats a thing I would really support and gladly set up some meetup-threads for eastern European cities as soon as it will be possible for me to get back there.
Most guys I met when the old forum was still online had been great people and totally different to those I met trough RSD groups for example. Unlike the PU kids in other groups I never had the impression that guys I met here been only looking for hookups or to increase their laycount but rather for something more what I always appreciated and therefore it would be a great thing to bring this back.