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Intel is on my radar as well, I'm thinking of picking some up soon too. The thing is I've been buying more AMD processors lately because I can get something significantly more powerfully for the same price as Intel.


Intel looks good at $45 but it will require a lot of patience. It can also go lower if they announce another delay. I personally don't like them as a company, just like I don't like Nvidia. They would sell you the same shit in a different package every year if AMD wasn't around.

They first quad-core was released in 2007 and in 2008 they destroyed AMD with the I7 920 on LGA 1366. I bought one and overclocked it from 2.6 to 4GHz, best value for money you could get. In 2010 they already had 6-core CPUs on LGA 1366. Naturally I was expecting them to push 6-core and 8-core in the mainstream with the next generation but instead they released Sandy Bridge, 10-20% faster than the previous generation yet got a lot of praise for some reason. I guess Intel had deep pockets to throw at the press and almost buried AMD. Subsequent lack of competition meant that Intel milked the quad-core for a decade. Sooner or later their lack of innovation was going to backfire.
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