Study: Men on RVF, Reddit and Forums are "becoming more extreme, toxic, and abusive"


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Leonard D Neubache said:
Are you a woman?
That's exactly what i thought as soon as his reply came reeked of feminine subjectivity . I was like: wtf is the "guy" talking about ?
Actually the male side of the internet has become less anti-female than before. Many former PUAs married, some turned religious, the scope turned away from simple woman-bashing. The incel crowd is toxic, but they always were - they were anti-PUA, not because they objected to easy sex, they objected because they were not part of it and said that Game does not exist, female psyche does not follow upon those instinctive guidelines.

The problem for the mainstream is that many concepts have permeated broader culture and terms like cuck, Alpha, Beta have seeped into the mainstream and wider awareness. It's still within the Blue Pill of course and the media goes against it. That is why they attack tradwife women while leaving the porn-like Twitch streamers as great examples of female empowerment.

Women don't exactly destroy society, they are simply useful idiots of the elite when weaponized with anti-male feminist rhetoric. Similar to Antifa - they just smash buildings and torch their own cars, then blame men for everything they destroyed and wonder why they are still unhappy.

Leonard D Neubache

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Well the clickbait feminazi gender studies college debt crowd need to foster the idea of a perpetual intergender war in order to validate the retarded life position they find themselves in, and unfortunately there's a lot of damaged men that are all too happy to accommodate this stupidity.


The only people who are "anti-female" or "anti-woman" are feminists and the globalists they work for.

"Dissident right" men are pro-woman and pro-female, we celebrate what women are and what their unique strengths are. We don't celebrate turning them into b-rate men with a chip on their shoulder, because that's not a healthy thing to aspire to and will only lead to ruin for all involved.

The men and women who've woken up from the nightmare of globalist culture are trying to lead and call others into the fold. Those who make it will be richer for it, as will the tribe as a whole. Ask yourself why the media, corporations, politics, and bureaucracies are fighting this so hard.


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Where was this paper published?

Unless I am missing something, it does not look like it is being published in any kind of proper journal.

Also, I notice that all of the names listed seems to have some kind of icon, like a smiley face, or something after each name? Am I seeing this right or is the copy I downloaded rendering the characters/graphics wrong? If what I am seeing correct, what do the icons mean after each name?


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Pathetic. They totally ignore the actual changes going on in these communities and lump them all together, as if Roosh disapproving of extramarital sex was "violent" (the favorite weasel word of these types - remember when "violence" meant actual violence?).

It's not the disapproval or the scrutiny which makes me sick, it's their lies and dishonesty.


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The Marxist shift has caused things that were natural to suddenly become "extremist".

A 6,000 year old definition of marriage, being between a man and woman, is extremist.

The nuclear family consisting of a man who works for a living, a mother who stays home and runs the house raising the children, is a form of oppression.

Men not marrying women who are near the end of their window of fertility, having slept with multiple men, being in debt, wanting natural hair color, no tattoos, and no facial disfigurements (piercings) is misogyny.

The Patriarchy, the system that has led to civilization, is now a system of "oppression". Women are better off working unfulfilling jobs for little pay. As these women are not reproducing, we must import people from foreign lands who aren't compatible with western civilization. We do have a welfare state to run, after all.

Gentlemen, this is simply Marxism. It has happened in many parts of the world and now its here.


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RawGod said:
Pathetic. They totally ignore the actual changes going on in these communities and lump them all together, as if Roosh disapproving of extramarital sex was "violent" (the favorite weasel word of these types - remember when "violence" meant actual violence?).
Reminding them in any way, shape or form (no matter how tangentially) that their actions are shameful is "emotional violence".


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From UR:

In the tu-quoque mindset, any form of resistance to progressive government is defined as naked, illegitimate aggression. It naturally produces a counter-reaction which is just as aggressive, often more unprincipled, and always much stronger. A fine example is the complete extirpation of the pre-Buckleyite American right, which repaid McCarthyism ten dollars on the dime. If you imagine an America in which Communism suffered the same fate as McCarthyism, you imagine a very, very different America.

Perhaps the most diabolical instance of this Poland-invades-Germany syndrome was the legal–realist movement, which in the 20th century converted the Anglo-American common law from asset to liability. The legal realist reasons as follows: the vast right-wing conspiracy™ does not really believe in natural law and textual interpretation, but is a big liar and legislates from the bench for reasons personal, venal, or conspiratorial. Therefore, we, the Left, are suckers if we don’t fight just as dirty and spin just as hard.

Qui vult decipi, decipiatur. As Voltaire said, if you can make a man believe absurdities, you can make him commit atrocities. The VRWC is really no more or less absurd than its Jewish counterpart. There are no Elders of Zion, and nobody dances on Halliburton’s strings. But there is a Left, though it is a movement rather than a conspiracy. And the Left, in power, must pretend to contend against some great, imagined enemy, which it naturally models on itself.

I.e.: there is a Structure. There is no counter-Structure. But the leftist, knowing his own world, finds it very easy to visualize a symmetric and opposite edifice in loving and fabulous detail. In a word: he projects. It’s only human.
Read the “study.” What did they do? They scraped words from various sources, added them to a database, then used a program to match their frequency against a feminist-derived list of “wrongthink.”

There’s no there, there.

Ironic that complaints about toxic masculinity occur just as T levels are falling and sperm counts are collapsing across the West.

Feminism is just godless rebellion (& failed experiment). The burden is on the radical, not the Traditionalist. J.D. Unwin and others chronicle that “Sexual Morality May be Far More Important than You Ever Thought”
This all has to be put in context of what's happening across society right now.

The movement to censor the internet is already in its more advanced stages, examples would include: the Cloudflare TOS incident with A. Anglin (which, at the time was a first for them) Amazon gradually censoring books-- many of which are about Nazis or have racist themes, locking down the Youtube for Jarred Taylor/ NPI, Milo kicked off social media, Alex Jones/ Infowars kicked off basically all tech platforms, Youtube's new policies, and so many other examples.

Reddit which used to be one of my old stomping groups has banned/ restricted many groups including r/thedonald, incels, TheRedPill, and others.

The goal is to silence all non-left views, but especially the non-left views that are more dangerous/potent.

If censorship that has already happened on these platforms is any indication, things will get even worse when they come after normie republicans.
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In reality, genuine MGTOW's aren't on forums talking about women. They've GONE THEIR OWN WAY. They are out enjoying life. They are the exact opposite of the Incel types. MGTOW groups would mainly consist of Incels who are over 20 years of age and therefore, since many no longer live at home, believe that they are 'going their own way' while in reality they're just pathetic.

Travola said:
We made it boys:

Daily Mail: "Men on the internet are becoming more extreme, toxic, and abusive, according to study that analyzed 38.4 million posts on Reddit and men's rights forums"
A new study of popular men’s rights forums and subreddits has found that men on the internet have become ‘more toxic and espouse nihilistic and extreme anti-women ideologies.’

The study, by a team of researchers from University College London, Birmingham University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and others, looked at 38.4 million posts from seven message boards and 57 subreddits collectively described as the ‘manosphere.’

According to the team, the manosphere is a ‘conglomerate of predominantly Web-based misogynist movements roughly focused on men’s issues.’

Some of these sites include The Attraction, Rooshv, SlutHate, and, as well as Reddit subgroups for Pick Up Artists (PUA), Men’s Rights Activists (MRA), and Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), and Involuntary Celibates (Incels).

Many of these groups have existed for years, but the team found that the newer variations tended to produce much more radical and violent rhetoric, according to a Newsweek report on the study.

They found forums for specific sites tended to have the most extreme rhetoric, featuring more explicit hate speech than Reddit.

The team also found that many people participated in multiple forums and subreddits, giving the impression that the 'manosphere' as a whole might be larger than it actually is.

They also suggest that many posters had been on a pathway toward more radical beliefs.

Many of the individuals involved with the PUA community went onto more extreme anti-feminist communities such as [The Red Pill], which in turn strongly migrated to MGTOW,’ the team argue.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has noted a substantial overlap between the general tenets of the manosphere and white supremacy.

Both the alt-right and the manosphere agree that feminism is the cause of Western civilizational decline,’ the group argues.

‘In fact, the misogyny intrinsic to the 'alt-right' might very well be one of its distinctive features.’

Men’s rights jargon has played a role in a number of mass shootings in recent years.

How does it feel to be alt-right?

Full study here:

Sadly, 4chan remains the most toxic,
"while on 4chan we find substantially more hate speech than
Manosphere communities."


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Athanasius said:
"Extreme" is typical SPLC/ADL-style character assassination, but these groups along with gatekeepers like TPUSA are desperately trying to prevent American whites from noticing the illogic that ethnic identity is OK for everyone but them. They don't want whites to notice the demographic replacement or that things like Thanksgiving are primarily being opposed by non-whites who don't care about, or are downright hostile to, their history.
While I understand completely your overall point, bear in mind that "white" is little more than a race, it is not an ethnic identity. To think that it is, you walk right into the gauntlet laid for you by your oppressors and willingly submit to their commands. Don't fall for it - that's what they want.

If "white" were an identity there never would have been world wars between the various racially white groups over centuries. To discover your ethnicity, look to your history - and more importantly, your religion, or at least the religion your parents used to have - to begin uncovering what you were likely never taught or deliberately misdirected about. Confer E. Michael Jones to understand what I'm referring to - it's a boatload of accurate information that could change your view if you give it a chance. There is a reason that the proxy warriors for the oligarchs want to silence him.

On another note, I noticed from the article that forum activity in general (not just this one) is down across the board, likely thanks to reddit, facebook, youtube and wherever else groups can gather, even if they are eventually moderated into irrelevance. The same is true for blogs - it's just too easy to use a pre-formatted setup versus maintaining and financially supporting an individually manicured blog.

It's also worth noting that MGTOW doesn't mean what it once did: a guy generally saying "Screw it!" and doing his own thing. I don't deny that some guys still live this philosophy, but the most vocal men going their own way nowadays actually don't do squat and go nowhere. Instead, they just stew in their own misery, taking over MGTOW forums, which as a result go askew and now attract the most angry of the incel set. On cue, the ADL and Southern Poverty Lie Center zero in on this behavior and gleefully tar all men with the same broad brush.

I know someone who joined a MGTOW forum the mere mention of him having a girlfriend drew levels of screeching the most dedicated feminist couldn't replicate. Every commenter was pissed he actually engaged with the opposite sex and might have even had a sex life. If that's what modern MGTOW means now, no thanks - sounds like a pseudo-gay club I'd rather not explore.

We all know this isn't one of those places, but the average NPC reading the article walks away convinced that it is. And yes, as discussed, leftism increasingly attracts people with personality disorders, so there probably isn't much hope in educating many of the truly dedicated bugmen out there anyway. Discovery has to come organically, as it did with Roosh.
White is a good enough ethnic identity. Black Americans don't differentiate between each other based on whether they came from East, central or Western Africa. It's a new playing field.

EMJ is a great man, but he has certain short-comings. He thinks partly that the USA could have been created by Christian Nigerian settlers just as well.

The internal wars don't eliminate the reality of Europeans having far more in common with each other than other tribes. The French and Germans inter-married and in certain regions mixed well together under the dominant culture. But try and do it with the Turks and they are still separate after the 4th generation. The same went in the US with German-Americans being president families in the 3rd gen. They are similar enough to the founding Anglo-culture. For short -White (aka European descendant and Christian based) is good enough as a tribal metric. Then there are others, but Canada and the US are Anglo-funded-other-European-integrated countries. All of that would not have worked with a 60% African or Mestizo majority. You could have done the same with for example Russia getting a Republic in the 18th century and Anglos moving there - they would have integrated well enough. It would be St. Petersburgh everywhere and the millions of Anglos would feel Russian now and communism would have never happened.

There will be a good debate soon with E Michael Jones and Jared Taylor exactly on this topic - more or less - race and religion and the importance of it. My personal view is that both are relevant and shape a people, but the underlying strength of racial predeterminism is simply too minimized.