Supplements and foods that may DECREASE testosterone



Here is a great lecture about various endocrine disruptiors and how to avoid them. I find the part about molecules from female birth control pills being in peoples drinking water quite disturbing. Can't recommend this talk enough on the topic.

Short video about endocrine disruptiors in food from plastics. TLDV is that BPA free plastics often contain BPS which is a similar molecule that probably have the same effects in the body as BPA, it just have not been studied and gotten a bad reputation like BPA yet. Silicone bags and containers does not contain endocrine distruptors, the downside is that they are comparativley pricey although they are reusable.
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I'm no expert but this is ridiculous.
The bottom three are arguably the healthiest items on the menu and are items I regularly consume on a low carb, high fat/protein diet which has a number of benefits.

America would have far less health problems and far less obesity if everyone was mandated to have two ground beef patties with cheddar cheese, and an egg on top of each for dinner.

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If you click the link and actually read the paper (it's like 3 pages and not particularly dense), the point of that graph is that it's ridiculous. Yet that's the ranking of these foods according to some algorithm developed by nutritionists, and the author is arguing it's a bad algorithm.

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I'm no expert but this is ridiculous.
Let me get this straight: Chocolate covered almonds: Good! Almond M&Ms: Bad!
Bu..but... An almond M&M is just a chocolate covered... oh nevermind.

And a boiled egg is bad? The only complaint I've heard about eggs is regarding cholesterol, and I thought The Science already admitted they were wrong about that and there's no cholesterol risk from eggs.

With the exception of kale and watermelon (lol perfect score huh? Where can I find this Superfood strain of watermelon, full of nutrients and amino acids?) you would be better off flipping the chart upside down.

Ohh. I get it. The source is the (((Friedman))) School of Nutrition.