Taking Your Girlfriend Out For Her Birthday, and she does this...


This is a Clown World worthy thread. Man, where do I even start...

1. Target clothing is trash quality and should never be entertained, ever. Last time I wore that stuff was in middle school and broke. Never again.

2. Secular relationship with a nutcase. No mention of God. You're 38. Have you thought about getting your shit together soon? Get a grip man.

3. Publicly humiliating a girl only works subtly, via practicing dread game. Sounds like you just lost frame, then your temper, then your girl.

4. If this happened a long time ago, why post about it now? Do you not see you were in the wrong? Not sure what insights you're looking for.

5. You're in Germany IIRC. If you expect good treatment from the average urbanite women, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn...


I have a similar story.

My wife has birthday on the 2nd worst day of the year to have birthday. Which is 31st December.
When we were dating, I tried 2-3 times to make it special, try to do something nice, but always got "people just want to do party and dont' care about my birthday". Tried to organize her birthday party a couple of days later but she never really wanted it or tried to be part of the plan to even invite her friends. New year always ended up with her crying.

After these 2-3 times, I just quit trying or even caring about doing something special on the day. We just have fancy dinner on the 30th (because i want to). She still complains about the birthday, and every time she does, I tell her she can organize something if she wants to and I will help out.

Moral of the story:
Some people just want to use their birthday as an excuse to complain further or to get your attention.
I'd like to get some feedback to know what you gentlemen would do if you were encountered with the following situation.

Let's say you are in a relationship with a girl, and her Birthday comes along. You bought her a gift and also have made a whole day's plan of Romantic Ideas of where you are spending it, maybe a surprise place to bring her and maybe some events or something which happen at a specific time later in the day.

The whole day begins with unease and suspicion as she is not comfortable with "mysteries" and "spontaneous things", even though she knows it's her Birthday. She says she wants to go shopping, and then you end up going into a Target (or related retail store) and she decides to turn the day around to be about her to change you into the guy "she wants" and also to make you look sloppy. So of all days, she insists to start buying you clothing that she wants to see you in, and even pays for it (on her birthday) and not only can she not buy you decent-looking clothing but buys the most tacky-looking clothing you can find, off colors and odd materials that wrinkle and just have poor character. She goes along even with your reluctance and buys them anyway for you, and you also know you would never be willing to wear the tasteless clothing she is buying you on her birthday to "change" how you look and make you look inferior.

What would your response and thoughts to this situation be, and how would you handle it? Discuss...

I'm never with a woman who sees me as a project like a 10 year old boy she can play living doll dress-up with.