Tanzanian President John Magufuli went missing then died


As some of you know, Tanzania was one of the few countries on Earth that didn't buy into the coronacircus and, by (((coincidence))), the President apparently died from the 'rona and the subsequent heart failure. Before he died he was missing for a few days.

Do with the information as you please.
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His replacement:
In July 2015, CCM's presidential nominee John Magufuli chose her as his running mate for the 2015 election, making her the first female running mate in the party's history. She subsequently became the first female vice-president in the history of the country upon Magufuli's victory in the election.

After Magufuli's death on 17 March 2021, Suluhu became the 6th President of Tanzania, the first Zanzibari president and the country's first female president.


Official government reports says he died from heart complications that he has been suffering from before he became president.

The main Opposition party and western media says covid19 even without seeing autopsy report.

So who is telling the truth?
"We found these meds in his cabinet. They are for heart conditions. Nothing to see here, move along people."

Just your Official Government Organization Standard Operating Procedure to preserve Democracy (ffffffff yeeeeaaah, comin' to save the mafaiiing daaayeeeeah) around the world.

RIP based president.
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It is as clear as sun in a shinning day, why he was killed.

Normally the large mass of the brainwashed people will never get the truth and believe whatever the media will say.

You know, evan the ones thay will actually believe that he was killed because it was one ofnrhe3 few leaders to oppose vaccination, they will say he was killed because he undermined the selling of vaccines.

The selling of vaccines is not the main issue here, but the reason why this agenda is being pushed and what comes after it.

The Prime Minister

I wrote this comment yesterday.

It's sad to see this happen but I'm not surprised that they killed him.

Rest in peace, President John Magufuli.


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For those who are wondering "what did he do to p*ss off the Elites before he got offed?"

He called out the fake COVID test kits.

In this video, it sounds like he ruffled a few feathers when he warned Tanzanians against COVID-19 vaccines before he got offed.


President Magufuli warns Tanzanians against Covid-19 vaccines​

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has warned the country’s health ministry against rushing into embracing the Covid-19 vaccines promoted by foreign companies and countries.

Magufuli cast doubt on the global urge to develop Covid-19 vaccine claiming that little has been done to help cure other diseases like tuberculosis, HIV-Aids, malaria among other infections.

“You should stand firm. Vaccinations are dangerous. If the white man was able to come up with vaccinations, he should have found a vaccination for Aids by now; he would have found a vaccination of tuberculosis by now; he would have found a vaccination for malaria by now; he would have found a vaccination for cancer by now,” he said.

“The Health ministry must know that not every vaccination is meaningful to our nation. Tanzanians must be mindful so that we are not used for trials of some doubtful vaccinations which can have serious repercussions on our health,” he added.

Little is known in Tanzania on the number of positive cases due to the government's stun position on the virus.

Tanzania's President John Pombe Magufuli had declared the East African country as Covid-free and did not place any curfew or confinement to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

“We have lived for over one year without the virus because our God is able and Satan will always fail. The Health ministry should be cautious, and avoid the temptation to turn us into a country where vaccination trials are conducted freely,” he said.

“In a certain country, its girl children – aged below 14 years – were vaccinated against what was said to be cervical cancer, but it later emerged that the vaccination was meant to make them infertile,” Dr. Magufuli said.

Tanzania is among the first countries in Africa to order for the touted Madagascar Covid herb in the fights against the virus.

Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina is the promoter-in-chief of the substance, marketed as Covid-Organics and sold in the form of a herbal infusion.

Artemisia annua has a long history in its native China, where scientists discovered an active ingredient that made the plant a front-line weapon in the fight against malaria.

The substance has proven effectiveness against malaria, but no clinical trials have tested it against COVID-19, either as a cure or as a preventative.

Countries like the United State have warned their citizens from traveling to Tanzania to avoid risks of contracting the virus.

In its update, the U.S. cautioned its citizen against traveling to East Africa, assigning Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi Level 4 alert.
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Louis IX

Zog saw the whole forum wanted to relocate to tanzania, said naha not gonna happen and there you go .. poor african dictator :)
That's why we shouldn't try to believe that there will be an eldorado free from coronavirus. Any democratic resistant is bound to lose elections one day.
Dictator will be killed.
We just have to choose the less bad country based on our religious/family/financial situation and resist there.
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