Temporarily retire from Dating Coaching.

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Hey guys!

I want to share an experience with you and get yours opinions on something.

I've been in Game for 5 years, and I've been actively Dating Coaching in South America, and now, in Europe since 2007.

When I say actively, I say, running Bootcamps every weekend, 1:1 during the week, and working pretty much 7 days at week, mostly in Buenos Aires, but also in Sao Paulo and Berlin.

But I came to the point where I want to take vacations from teaching game, The seduction community got me really tired. Lot of bullshit going around and always having guys who fight and try to fuck others over to "prove" they are better in a certain topic.

Right now, I live in Berlin, Germany, I share a flat with my GF and the coasts of living here are relatively small. (Berlin is one of the cheapest cities in the European Union)

What ideas do you have of things that I can do for living here, apart from Dating Coaching, that can support my life here and future trips around this Area of the world?


Not open for further replies.