Texting boundaries for long distance relationship?

So I visited a woman I’ve been talking to for a while now this past weekend and we engaged in “heavy petting” as the furthest sexual engagement. I told her that I wasn’t wanting to do that, but, then I did it anyways and she is frustrated with my inconsistency. We are both Christian, but I’m wondering how y’all would reinstate the boundaries over texting (what I mean here is how to keep texting from going towards sexting, not establishing boundaries over text)? Aka... what is the line/boundary for flirting over text in a long-distance relationship?

I’m adamant on keeping strong boundaries on future visits as I was weak during this past visit.


You should say or do nothing with her that you wouldn't do with a female relative. I have not encountered "flirting" as something Christians should do in courtship as a technique, though of course it will happen in a natural way.

You are the man, so you define the boundaries, share them with her, and then lead by example.