Thank You Jesus

Oda Mae

Orthodox Inquirer
Thank you God for loving me, and answering my prayers for my little companion cat, Newt, who is such a comfort husband. Thank you for the time you have given us with her and our others, and have mercy on us. When death comes, have mercy, Oh Lord.


Thank you Jesus, for all the good people at the faith based radio station that only comes into reception as I get nearer my rural property.
Thank you also for the sudden clear reception for about 25 kms outside the city, a nice surprise when I thought the reception was over an hour before that!

It is heartwarming hearing so many people speak and sing lovingly of You.


Got up and read daily readings, which includes scripture on putting on the armor of God, and now my heart is fully melting thinking about my son, John, making cardboard armor at VBS when he was four. Somewhere there's a picture of him drinking an orange soda with one hand, and his finger from the other hand stuck in his ear, wearing his armor.

When I feel weak and disfranchised from a community, because we are so, so far away from others, I think about what a blessing it is that we have had a safe place to land in a tumultuous world. We are separate from the world, not having been afraid of where our meals would come from, if we could have clean clothes or bathe, not suffering violence from anyone, or really suffering by being forsaken by others. If at times we feel like we are collecting dust on a shelf.

And I am so, so thankful.