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I wrote a data sheet about EMF radiation and wasn't quite sure whether to put it here or in the corona/5g thread. But since my data sheet is entirely about the health effects, I wrote it in the corona thread. I'll link it up here just for the sake of completeness. First post on page 3:

Also, this is bad news and something I didn't know - apparently the 5g frequencies are already blasting us from the 5g satellites that are already in space, and the meters that are currently on the market don't even pick that up:

Here is the distinction I have been looking to solve. How can they be blasting us from (((space))) with these frequencies if the residential mobile communications tech transmitters have to be spaced so close together just to get the beam? Somehow satellites flying miles above us can send a stronger signal than something on the other side of a tree down the street? Which one is it? The technology for satellites would not be in the millimeter-wave spectrum, but much stronger, and would constitute an entirely different aspect of fifth generation tech.


With 5G towers everywhere, it wouldn't be hard to put a security camera on every street corner. This can't be done with 4G due to limited bandwidth.

6G = at every electric pole.


Monitoring device lol.. that is some wishful thinking there. once the brain computer chip interface is here and hooked up to the cloud there is nothing stopping a 'monitoring device' from actually giving input to the brain and thinking for you. I think its even possible if you think about manifesting or the collapse of the quantum wave function that if you stimulate enough human brains into experience the same false reality in unison that that false reality might even be manifested into our physical world.
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As for 5g I am shocked over and over to see just how many new cell towers have been put up in the last months. I must have past about 200-300 new towers I never saw before driving to the airport yesterday in toronto.

Our background emf is now equivalent to being on a cell phone call 24/7 with the phone 1 inch from your brain. thats non stop there is no escaping it. literally thousands of fold increase over what it was just last year and continuing to go up day by day.

I also noticed the newest cell towers are made to look much less threatening. they are smooth white pillars about 10m high. nothing sticking out from them. they are completely covered but I saw a bunch of them open. its the same antena panels inside the shaft pointed in all directions going up the whole tower.

I wouldn't be surprised if history proves us more foolish then the romans lining thier water pipes with lead with this widespread roll of untested technology.


thats the tesla version but I saw about 6 of them yesterday not from tesla. they were a bit rounder in shape. two of them looked liked they were still being installed and were partially open so you could see the entire inside was filled with antennas pointed in every direction


There has been a massive roll out of 5G towers here in Melbourne, Australia all in the last month while our Coronavirus lockdown is on.

Something like 50 towers / suburbs are set to be turned on any day now, including on top of schools and hospitals.


There has been a massive roll out of 5G towers here in Melbourne, Australia all in the last month while our Coronavirus lockdown is on.

Something like 50 towers / suburbs are set to be turned on any day now, including on top of schools and hospitals.



In Switzerland, a petition against the expansion of 5G transmitters is currently underway.
According to this map, Switzerland already has a nationwide 5G network.

Here some more information on transmission power, frequencies and how politicans make their decisions based on not understanding the technology. I'm sure this an example on how it works in other countries, too.

5G: Adaptive antennas are still not measurable

It is absolutely certain that neither our federal judges, nor our federal councillors, nor our administrative judges, nor our government councillors, and certainly not the government governors and chief magistrates, nor even remotely our local councillors and building authorities, have understood these mathematical and physical treatises and dozens of formulas. But these functionaries responsible for approving building applications will now all, without exception, nod their heads and make as clever a face as possible, but never admit that they will not get out of this at all.

The physicists and engineers we asked for are all in agreement: those in charge of the cantons and municipalities no longer have a chance to assess this and identify weak points. All they have left is the well-rehearsed nod of their heads, everything is in order, the antenna is approved, stamps on it and out with it. Administrative and federal judges will certainly not want to be among the stupid ones who can't get out of it. Just think of the administrative judges of the canton of Fribourg, it took them 6 years with the old 3G technology, just to understand what an antenna pattern is and what it is used for.

Nevertheless, we want to try to unravel the technical and chinese instructions a bit and present them in a folksy way.
Previous antennas produce only one beam, i.e. a spotlight cone, which is directed slightly downwards after 150-250 m contact with the ground. Car drivers know this from car headlights in fog.
The radiation calculation is relatively simple. From the center of the main radiation direction the radiation decreases 60° to the left and 60° to the right, measured in volts per meter, continuously up to a factor of 5.6. Up and down it is only 30° each instead of 60°.

With adaptive, i.e. real 5G antennas, things are completely different. Depending on the antenna type, they consist of 32, 64 or 81 small antennas, which now form 2 different types of very numerous beams. And these are no longer fixed, but dance around like wild 3-dimensional from left to right and from top to bottom.
Depending on the type of antenna, these are the 4 to 8 lobes of the organisation or pilot channels, which are looking for terminals outdoors in the country. Where are you - who are you - what do you want - what may I send you - are you still there - have you finished?

Each organization or pilot channel searches 3-dimensionally a quarter or eighth of its sector.
The pilot or organisational channels are still dancing relatively slowly, so that these can just barely be captured with the latest generation of measuring instruments.
This is because every measuring instrument requires a certain settling time to correctly detect a signal. Not too high and not too low.

Quite different with the second type of beams the communication or data channels. These 32, 64 or 81 thin beams (depending on the antenna type) dance around so fast in the whole sector of 120° horizontally and 60° vertically, that means 3-dimensional, that there are no measuring instruments fast enough to catch them. This means that these measuring devices would have to have settling times of a millionth of a second. And there are no such devices by far. This means that 80-90% of the radiation of an adaptive 5G antenna cannot be measured at all.
Only the so-called organisational or pilot channels are measurable.
And now an attempt is being made to extrapolate from these to the total radiation affecting a sensitive location.
The big point of contention remains, of course, this extrapolation factor. Because this too is not fixed, but changes constantly. Depending on the distance or the number and type of obstacles on the way to the end device.
Here the operators can tell you what they want. You just have to believe it or not.

What is certain, however, is this:
The antenna diagrams that mobile network operators now enclose with site data sheets and that are used to calculate radiation forecasts at locations of sensitive use are fundamentally wrong. Communication and data channels can be lowered up to 60° from the horizontal.
Equally wrong are the data on transmission power in Watt ERP. These powers are 10 to 100 times higher than what is stated in the site data sheets.
For example, if 1200 users in the same sector are to be served simultaneously.

The mobile phone operators already know why they loudly announce that without an increase of the Swiss limit values from 5 to 20V/m, the introduction of 5G within 3 years is not possible at all. However, a 4-fold increase in V/m allows the operators to build transmitters up to 16 times stronger. This means an average of 3000 watts of ERP per sector from today, and now up to 48000 watts of ERP per sector.
Measured against today's limits, this results in massive exceedance of limits up to distances of 220 m.

In this paper we tried to simplify the measurement methods for adaptive, i.e. for real 5G antennas to such an extent that even the average citizen can become reasonably smart.
In the manual everything is described in a much more versatile and complicated way. So much more complicated that even federal judges will only nod their heads to avoid looking stupid.

You are welcome to try it yourself.
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What to do if the currently available and affordable meters can only measure frequencies up to 6 GHz, but we are irradiated with frequencies of up to 100 GHz?

Is it really possible to protect oneself effectively from high-frequency radiation without falling into a "bunker mentality"?
One only sleeps under a radiation blocking net, windows are equipped with radiation protection grids and must remain closed for it to work, painted the walls with a shielding paint so that no radiation can get in. One should then actually not leave his house and if so, then only in a full body shielding suit?
And what does that do to you psychologically?

Wouldn't it be better instead to ensure by political means and citizen protests that this technology is not used in the first place, and if it is, to have it validated again independently?
It must also be ensured that all frequencies used can be measured.

Or does anyone have a better idea?

PS: From what I've read and the videos I've watched in this thread the radiation level in the USA (and Canada?) is waaaaaaaayyyyyy more higher compared to other countries.
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Razor blades and needles in booby traps: Protest against 5G in the UK radicalises

Resistance to 5G technology is becoming increasingly radical in the UK: Razor blades and needles were found in booby traps designed for telecommunications engineers. Arson attacks on masts are also on the increase.

The protest against 5G technology is not limited to the UK, but it seems to be extremely radical in the UK. According to media reports, telecommunications engineers found booby traps behind posters on telephone poles. These were fitted with razor blades and noodles.

It is suspected that anti-5G groups are behind the booby traps, which assume, among other things, that there is a connection between 5G technology and the outbreak of the corona pandemic. The technology makes people more susceptible to the virus or encourages its spread, according to accusations from 5G opponents. There is no evidence of this so far. What speaks against these accusations is that the virus has also raged in countries, such as Iran, that do not yet use this technology.

Nevertheless, attacks on telephone masts and telecommunications engineers are increasing in the UK. Since the end of March this year, telecommunications engineers have reported 200 attacks - mostly verbal ones. But there have also been physical attacks, as reported by the US Internet portal The Verge. In addition, there were 90 arson attacks on mobile infrastructures in the period mentioned. These also affected facilities that are not related to 5G technology.

In one case a telecommunications engineer was attacked with a knife and had to be treated in hospital. According to Philip Jansen, head of the British telecom group BT Group, some engineers were even hit by cars.


“The Art of War”
5G, the new track of the arms race

3 June 2020

While Canada has just authorized the extradition of Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of one of Huawei’s leaders, to the United States, the U.S. Congressional Research Service exposes the military component of 5G.

At Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada - announces the Pentagon - construction of a 5G experimental network will begin in July. It will become operational in January 2021.

The Red Flag, the most important air manoeuvre in the United States, took place at this base last March, with the participation of German, Spanish and Italian forces. The latter were also composed of F-35 fighters which - the Air Force says - were "integrated with the best of American military aviation" in order to "exploit the full potential of the aircraft and weapons systems on board", including certainly the nuclear ones. At the Red Flag in 2021, 5G mobile networks consisting of towers, that can be assembled and disassembled in less than an hour for rapid transfer depending on the operation in progress, will probably already be in operation for testing in a real environment.

The Nellis base is the fifth selected by the Pentagon to test the military use of 5G: the others are in Utah, Georgia, California and Washington State.

A Congressional Research Service paper (see below) explains that this fifth-generation mobile data technology can have "many military applications. One such application is for "autonomous military vehicles," that is, robotic air, land and naval vehicles capable of autonomously performing attack missions without even remote control. This requires the storage and processing of an enormous amount of data that cannot be carried out solely on board the autonomous vehicle. The 5G will allow this type of vehicle to use an external data storage and processing system, similar to the current Cloud for personal file storage. This system can make possible "new military operational concepts", such as "swarming", in which each vehicle automatically connects to the others to carry out the mission (e.g. an air attack on a city or a naval attack on a port).

5G will make the entire command and control system of the US armed forces more powerful on a global scale: currently - explains the document - it uses satellite communications but, because of the distance, the signal takes some time to arrive, causing delays in the execution of military operations. These delays will be virtually eliminated by 5G. It will play a decisive role in the use of hypersonic weapons, which, also equipped with nuclear warheads, travel at more than 10 times the speed of sound.

5G will also be extremely important for the secret services, making possible much more effective control and espionage systems than the current ones. "5G is vital to maintaining America’s military and economic advantages," the Pentagon said.

Particularly advantageous is the fact that "the emerging 5G technology, which is commercially available, offers the Department of Defense the opportunity to take advantage of this system at lower costs for its own operational requirements. In other words, the 5G commercial network, made by private companies, is being used by the U.S. Armed Forces at a much lower cost than would be required if the network were made solely for military purposes. This also happens in other countries.

It is therefore understandable that the 5G dispute, especially between the United States and China, is not part of the trade war alone. 5G creates a new track for the arms race, which is taking place less in terms of quantity than quality. This is not addressed by the media and is largely ignored even by critics of the technology, who focus their attention on the possible harmful effects on health. This commitment is certainly of great importance, but it must be joined with those opposing the military use of this technology, which is unwittingly financed by ordinary users of fifth-generation mobile phones.