The 5G thread


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Of course everything will be connected except for the architects of such a net, and their endless bank accounts, and videos of their daemonic orgies.

Good simple point that needs to be emphasized. This will obviously be true with 5G, but it’s already the case and has been for a while.

Take a bill from your wallet. What do you see? A cage. A cage that you are beholden to but the elite is not. The true elite exist outside this or any monetary system. It’s like a riddle, “who is the wealthiest on earth yet does not have a single dollar to their name?”
The true elite exist outside this or any monetary system.

Unless you consider them space aliens from Mars they either need financial control or continuous leverage over leaders and as many people below them as possible.

Lots of tribe members exist outside the economic system insofar that the money flows to unprofitable businesses & activites that assist in the recruitment of new stooges for the system (i.e. low customer count gay bars, unprofitable ethnic restaurants to ramp up diversity) ,simply for producing subversive art and media or Epstein island type stuff like model agencies that never make money.


Let's start with some links:
1. The main problem is addition of frequencies and radiation
2. RF in general is not a good idea
3. There is an issue with determining safety

This does not mean that everyone is going to be sick. It is always the same thing (starting with 3G) - industry pushes the technology while there is not yet a clear business plan - meaning market demand. Health and safety are not checked, and I remind you all the bust following the 3G hype. We may have a rerun of that in the next few years.

Here is an article on 5G deployment issues (not health related)

The article says:

The cost of the energy needed to power 5G has proved to be one of the biggest headaches for Chinese telecommunication companies.

The 5G base station equipment consumes about three times more energy than 4G because of the way the technology works.

The existing 5G technology is very immature, hundreds of billions of investment have been deployed, and the operating cost is extremely high, no application scenarios can be found, and it is difficult to digest the cost in the future.

It is difficult for ordinary consumers and industry users to see the long-term benefits and rewards of 5G.

Based on a recent survey of Chinese consumers, 73.3% of the people polled said they believe that there is no need for the public to buy 5G mobile phones.

The main reason for not buying 5G mobile phones is because there is no such need.