The 9/11 Thread

Dr. Howard

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Liberals plan backfires again. They go all out to cancel Alex Jones only to have Tucker Carlson pick up his mantle...a guy that doesn't act like a WWE wrestler and already has a major media platform.

Also...I didn't notice that tweet was from Rose McGowan. The figurehead of MeToo joins up with the other side? Amazing, but another shot in the foot. Liberals have discarded the metoos and pussy hat foot soldiers for anarchists and racists.


Imagine being someone who lost a loved one that day and wondering not only whether the initial attack was fake but also whether your loved one never had the chance to get out in time because the buildings were demolished deliberately at a pre-determined time.
I really came on board with the 9/11 stuff around 2006, but I think the majority of the grassroots 9/11 truth movement was made up of family members. They seemed like some of the first to look at this event with a critical eye. I believe there ended up being some compensation for these people with the agreement that they would no longer talk about it. I am not sure about that though.

Max Roscoe

My uncle lives in Brooklyn and was told by an Arab client of his not to go into the city that day.
Afterwards, the man disappeared. I was told this years ago by my uncle, meaning at the very least, there was widespread knowledge on the ground that this was happening. My uncle is not a political or particularly important person, just a good small businessperson that treats people well. You have to consider there was a giant network of people who knew about this if he was warned.