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-They don't want to pay child support.
-They feel that if they're known as a man that supports "Pro-Choice", that reputation will get them laid (more) by a current, or prospective (future), female partner(s).

I would reduce it to basically your first and last suggestions. More broadly:

- they don't want to take responsibility for a child and get thrown into #adulting (I was guilty of that for years)
- they know it's the only socially acceptable position to hold, and they want to be popular

Timothy Crow

It is really a Satanic thing, Satan has never stopped working. All these blood sacrifices, abortion,war, crime, what have you. I believe this is all planned, a Satanic work, sacrifices to open doorways, letting in the demonic. It is working, just as the Bible had predicted, just know it for what it is. As Above, So Below, this is a spiritual battle.

Lazuli Waves

Women can get abortion pills if they tell the provider the're worried about how pregnancy would do to their "bikini body."

...U.K.-based organization Christian Concern had hired investigators to place calls to Marie Stopes and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service — the U.K.’s two main abortion providers — to determine how easy it was to procure abortion pills. One of the activists stated that she didn’t want to keep her baby because she was worried about what pregnancy would do to her “bikini body.”

As it turned out, any reason for an abortion was a good reason — Christian Concern’s CEO, Andrea Williams, noted that its investigation revealed “that women could get these pills using any excuse whatsoever. One of them even said that it didn’t bode well for her having a bikini body, and that was put down as an emotional reason.”


Not so long ago, that would be considered shocking. But as I’ve noted before, today’s abortion activists are made of sterner stuff than their queasier (or more strategic) foremothers, and they’ve never met an abortion they can’t clap for. Reid scoffed at the idea that someone aborting their child for a “bikini body” is a problem: “the blunt truth is, even if a woman did want to have an abortion because she was worried about stretch marks and sagging breasts, that would still be a perfectly valid choice.” As it turns out, sometimes you have to kill to get a body to die for.


Lazuli Waves

Shout Your Abortion activist in Oprah Magazine.


This satanic baby murder activist sells a onsie that says, "Thank God for abortion."




French National Assembly Approves Abortion up to Birth
The French National Assembly has approved a number of amendments to the nation’s bioethics law, one of which would legalize abortion-on-demand up to birth.

By a vote of 60 in favor and 37 opposed, the legislators agreed to permit abortion at any time for a mother undergoing “psycho-social distress,” a nebulous term that allows healthcare workers total leeway to approve the procedure.

French law distinguishes between l’Interruption volontaire de grossesse (voluntary abortion), which must take place no later than the twelfth week of pregnancy, and l’interruption médicale de grossesse (medical abortion), which may be performed without restrictions up to birth.

Currently, late-term abortions require medical approval limited to cases of severe malformation of the fetus or when a pregnancy puts the mother’s life in danger, but the new law would expand this second form of abortion to include cases where the mother suffers “psycho-social distress.”

andy dufresne

French National Assembly Approves Abortion up to Birth

That is truly repulsive. I was talking to some folks recently about kids I knew when I was younger who had downs syndrome. And then I realized there are no more kids with Downs Syndrome....because they're all aborted. What a sad world.
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This has been a seriously pro life republican convention. 2 very strong speakers, one last night, one tonight, both women.

Woman who got hooked into helping planned parenthood when they spoke of "safe abortions" for women and their desire to reduce overall abortions finds out that planned parenthood is pushing abortion as hard as they can. Also sees an abortion.

A Nun who is a medical doctor and ex medic for the army speaks about the unborn as the innocent victims of USA, how DJT is the most pro life president in a very long time, and Biden-Harris are the most anti life ticket ever.