The abortion thread

Abortion is given too much emphasis in discussions of chastity and sexual morality, allowing us to pretend that this one issue would fix our problems, when in fact The Pill, mass promiscuity, and the acceptance of premarital sex and living in sin, are far more dangerous. Anyway, in 2021, abortion is the choice of the extremely lazy or incompetent, as there are a handful of other techniques women can use to live a promiscuous lifestyle without ever having an abortion.

I personally believe life begins at birth, not at conception. And in that light, I don't have any problem with preventing pregnancy in cases of incest or rape.

Abortion is bad, but I only wish abortion to become illegal if it is paired with restrictions on premarital sex. Otherwise, we will end up with a country that is made up of bastards and mistreated children (the majority of Americans born today already are bastards). But I understand there are those who believe life begins at fornication.

However, by focusing on abortion, we ignore other actions that achieve the same evils abortion does. The pill is far more damaging and evil than abortion, and is indeed how most women choose to control pregnancy (while at the same time chemically altering their body and in many cases damaging their fertility). Of course there are a variety of "morning after pills" and various contraception methods that women can use to achieve the same goals, as well, which are never talked about in abortion discussions.

I agree that the fixation on abortion and these "pro abortion" protests are grotesque, but it's also easy to imagine a world where the primitive surgical abortion does not exist at all, where the methods are different but the ends are the same. A world where sexual recreation is free and pervasive, and women have numerous options to live out a promiscuous life and cheat the natural reproductive process, all while avoiding marriage and commitment.

Anti-abortion laws seem like the typical Republican solution to something--a popular bandaid idea that appeals to voters but does nothing at all to address the underlying problem, and may actually make things worse. Is there any leader today calling for repealing divorce, criminalizing or even punishing premarital sex? Instead, it is rewarded by our tax laws and social welfare services.

It is one step in a long series of steps.