The Alex Jones thread


Whew, good to hear Alex is in the clear, so it seems, with the recent incident. I really like him. He's a force of nature and is one hell of a red pilling machine. I also admire him for being a self made man. Here's a guy that came from nowhere. And he made himself into a global media giant. Don't forget that a year before 2016, Alex interviewed none other than Donald Trump. Yes he did! Can he be outrageous? Yes. But, Alex is an entertainer and that's a big part of his success.

Now, his de-platforming pretty much validates much of his claims. Indeed, it was a cabal of elites that conspired to silence him. And these people wanted to silence him because his message truly bubbled-up from the grass roots. I recall the first time I ever heard him. He was on a local station and I happen to dial him in. Almost immediately I was captivated.


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When you go out for a meal with your woman that includes any alcoholic beverages there is something to be said for Uber and Lyft.



Deepdiver said:
When you go out for a meal with your woman that includes any alcoholic beverages there is something to be said for Uber and Lyft.

Alex Jones has a serious drinking problem. Pretty much everyone close to him, and Jones himself, has basically acknowledged he drinks a lot. He has plenty of money for an Uber or Lyft, too, so no excuses there.

As a general rule, when someone gets pulled over for DUI, how many other times have they probably driven drunk, but never been caught? Dozens.

Worst of all, if the globalists want to fake his death, they now have the perfect way to do it. Hopefully he gets sober.

Leonard D Neubache

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Alex Jones could livestream his own suicide from the middle of Times Square and nobody would believe it wasn't some kind of deep state trick.

No matter how Alex Jones dies, it will be presumed to be as a result of foul play.


Alex is banned from the socials but they let bluecheck marks post clips of him for clicks.

Same thing on Youtube with Secular Talk which is obsessed with him.


I think Tim is better suited for news casting. He didn't bring out the best in Alex.
Agreed. He does mean well, but a lot of the tactics and conversation paths he pursues are the sort of thing that detract from Jones's truths. He also makes some low-IQ lack of big picture assumptions/comments... something I would not expect given the caliber of guests on his show tonight. Mike Malice is pretty good. I am always a little circumspect of him... but he is generally on the right side. Pool, however, still clings to a large degree of femininity in his intellectual approach to arguing points.

His daily news reports are pretty good if you're trying to get a normie to accept a red pill... but its not high energy, big brain analysis.