The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thread


Same way Trump supporters are holding faith that Trump is going to somehow win this election with their "get rid of the illegal votes and count the legal votes" schtick. He got swept fair and square just like I predicted. What made him lose was his inability to stop the pandemic and brushing it off as some conspiracy perpetuated by the Chinese, but hey since Trump said it, it must be true what he says right? Instead he tried to brush off the pandemic (which was the number 1 issue for Americans) and focus on the "evil lefties burning down cities." See unlike you, I don't believe in Conspiracy theories and don't blindingly support a self-obsessed cry baby like Trump just because he tells me to. That's incredibly small thinking and cowardly and weak. "I'm so scared of the evil lefties, please Donnie, please lead me" :boring:.

As far as AOC and the squad are concerned, at least they actually want to help working people and support policies that the overwhelmingly majority of Americans support. They are for

-The Green New Deal (63% of Americans support it)

-Medicare for All (69% of Americans support it including 50% of Conservatives)

And speaking of conservatives to the bewilderment of their own Fox News hosts, and exit poll done on Fox News viewers found that 72% of them support a government-run health care plan.

-Raising the minimum wage (70% of Americans support raising the minimum wage including 62% of GOP voters)

-Canceling all student loans (67% of Americans support it including half of Republicans)

- $2000 a month UBI during the pandemic (77% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans support it)

^^^^^^^ This is why Trump lost. He didn't stand for any of these things and frankly he didn't stand for shit! "Evil lefties bad," "Evil lefties are going to destroy your cities" is not going to win you an election. I'm surprised Biden didn't win by more, because an actual leftie would have destroyed Trump doubling Biden's numbers. Those are just facts.

You can trash AOC and the squad all you want but they are correct on the issues that matter and are in sync with what the majority of Americans want including Republicans, which is the reason the Republican and Democratic establishment hates them so much. I think you my friend are naive on the issues on the ground, but hey I expect that you being from Croatia and all. These 4 chicks are going nowhere and are only going to get bigger given the overwhelmingly popularity of the issues they support.

What planet are you from? You call @Handsome Creepy Eel naive but your explanation is so childish, it's laughable. Do you really believe people were buying guns in record numbers but not scared of "evil lefties?" Have you looked at the polling for who's bought into the pandemic and who thinks it probably was never a threat in the first place?

The rest of your arguments boil down to "do something please," which is hardly a praiseworthy point for politicians. They always want to be seen doing something, no matter how stupid.



She's a solid 7 for me, tbh. Very much in the acceptable range. I like Latinas, don't mind a somewhat busted face as long as her figure is there, and I'm totally immune to political differences affecting my attraction level (I always liked Jewish girls too). She does go up to a 9 in a mask though, because it covers her horse teeth and kind of weird nose.

Go ahead, shoot me. Actually, she probably will once she gets to the white house in 2032 or so.
"busted face" "horse teeth" "weird nose"..."solid 7" This must be the American rating scale.
We work with what we've got.
Nah, I feel you. She is good looking for her age, particularly her body. She could definitely pull off being an 8 with good makeup, spanx, heels and a dim bar. She also comes off as someone really wild and loud in bed, which isn’t surprising given her bartender background. I’d still probably take Gabbard over her, just because her face is more attractive to me, and that hint of shiny cleavage she showed in the dem debates still is etched in my mind.