The Aliens Hoax of 2023


I do not think they are going to deceive us with aliens this year.

The Jewish-American empire needs enemies to steal from the people.

At this moment, they do not need additional enemies, because they already have Russia.

Iran and China are being kiked up. And they are fighting the climate. These "wars" are being fought without much resistance.

Aliens and asteroids are on the waiting list and will be built slowly as they are needed. We will probably see an asteroid movie in 2023.

Alien invasion movies have been made for 10 years. And of course, the screenwriters might surprise us, as they did with the pandemic.


I think all this UFO stuff is smoke and mirrors. Watch "Mirage Men", I think it's free on Youtube. It's worth the watch, not only because it's about aliens and UFOs etc, but because it's an honest UFO documentary. The typical UFO documentary has sinister music in the backdrop, seedy characters, low light, and lots of cut shots to "file" labeled ultra top secret etc. Mirage Men is different. Although it doesn't take a side on whether alien UFOs are real, it makes an airtight case that our government is involved. But, it discloses government involvement in the not so expected place, which is leveraging and shaping a modern myth. Again, most UFO documentaries have the government covering up UFOs and aliens and Area 51 etc. Mirage Men shows how counterintelligence agents and agencies deliberately mislead key persons in the UFO community. They show them the secret files and give them just enough info that they know its going to get out and be a part of the myth. Truth is many times mundane and unexciting, such is the case with UFOs. No, its no aliens from Zeti Reticuli seeding humanity. Its counterintelligence agents telling gullible people what want to hear because they know they want to believe this. So, when they say they shot down a "UFO" in Canada or Lake Huron, I think of this and it makes me doubt any such outrageous claims these are aliens. Another way to look at it; if aliens are traveling to Earth from Zeti Reticuli or elsewhere in the universe, they're going to be far more advanced then us. So, a fifth-generation fighter armed with a first-generation air-to-air missile isn't going to be effective. Also, related to this, an individual in Mirage Men said something similar - how can an advanced civilization cross the massive expanse of interstellar space and keep on crashing when they get here?


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